10 Great Halloween Costumes That Don't Reference Breaking Bad

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Dealing with the end of a great TV show is similar to dealing with a painful breakup, and we know you're breaking sad. But it's something we all have to come to grips with. Recently, we helped you out twofold by distracting you with another titillating show, The Walking Dead, and got you drunk. You're welcome. That's what friends are for. It's time to move on. So, please, for the love of God, leave your yellow jumpsuit and gas mask at home. It's bound to be a popular costume, but for those who are strong enough to separate themselves from the weak, we've rounded up 10 great Halloween costumes that don't reference Breaking Bad.

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Amy Silverstein
New Big Tex
There's nothing like keepin' it local. About this time last year, we were mourning our beloved Big Tex, the face and voice of the State Fair of Texas. We even saw a few costumes mourning (or mocking) Big Tex Barbecue edition. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at), Big Tex 2.0 provides an equally entertaining Halloween costume that's sure to be recognized and applauded. And it's easy. Just grab your most western shirt, biggest belt buckle, some boots and a hat and go super heavy on the spray tan. Don't forget to make your arms look awkward as hell.

Daryl Dixon
You get drunk with him when you play our Walking Dead drinking game. Nobody else on television is quite as charming and repulsive at the same time. But Daryl's warmed our hearts with his redneck ways and Southern drawl. Cut the sleeves off an old T-shirt, hang a dead squirrel around your neck and don't forget the most important part -- your crossbow.

See also: Try Our Walking Dead Drinking Game. It Pairs Nicely with Zombie Attacks.

It's all in the hair and the attitude.
Daenerys Targaryen
Little girls who grew up dreaming of being a Disney princess are now grown up and dream of being Khaleesi, Queen of Dragons. Or at least we hope they do. The key here is all in the long blond hair. If you don't have it, you'll need to invest in a quality wig. Other than that, all you need is a long, flowing, gray dress. Bonus points for toting along a toy dragon.

You at least have to buy this T-shirt at andrewwk.com
Pinkie W.K.
Stand out from all the other Bronies and Pegasisters devoted to the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. No need to be ashamed of your love for this children's cartoon. Even rocker Andrew W.K. is a self-proclaimed Brony. Pinkie Pie is his favorite because she knows how to party hard. Obviously. So, don your best Pinkie Pie cosplay and add that signature blood gushing from your nose because there's nothing like a good mash-up.

Because fezzes are cool.
If you've attended the last several Dallas Comic-Cons you know that it's pretty much a sea of fezzes out there. So, why not join the crowd and dress up as your favorite fez-clad character, Aladdin? Maybe you can even find a female companion to dress as Jasmine. C'mon, fezzes are cool. Grab your fez, a purple vest, and you're good to go. Don't ask me what all these bow ties are about.

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