Hey Dallas, It's Pride Week. Here's How We're Going to Celebrate this Monumental Year.

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Our vote for Mr. Bear.

We are officially in Dallas Pride mode now, and there's a lot to celebrate after this past year: the Supreme Court rulings in favor of marriage equality (and Edith Windsor being adorable), the Boy Scouts of America's (admittedly half-assed) step toward inclusivity, George Takei being pretty much everywhere.

We want to be sure you do Pride 2013 right, so we've put together a list of things worth seeing this week. (Although in a pinch, any given gay event promises to be extra spectacular.)

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Mr. Bear Round-Up 2013
Wednesday, September 11
Round Up Saloon, Free

Jon Hamm has probably done more to bring chest hair back to popular culture than anyone else in recent decades, and God bless him for it. But nice as Don Draper's is, his chest is nubile compared to your average bear. Round-Up Saloon is celebrating chest hair and general beefiness in their yearly contest to see who is Dallas's top bear. It should be fun whether you're an ursine enthusiast, a fan of pageants or even if you just love drinking.

Gay Day at Six Flags
Saturday, September 14
Six Flags Over Texas

Sunday is the parade, and presumably Friday was heavy on drinking. Probably Thursday was too. And honestly, Saturday night is looking like more of the same. Which means you have precious hours during the day on Saturday to reinvigorate, energize, and replenish electrolytes. Six Flags Over Texas has you covered: for the Saturday of Dallas Pride they're offering $35 tickets in lieu of their usual $65 ones. So you can take advantage of apocalyptic heat at special LGBT (and allies) rates.

Alternate Saturday plan that involves less driving and money: the Dallas Public Library's Rainbow Family Day from 1 p.m to 4 p.m. It's an afternoon of crafts and movies, so it's great for kids or anyone you know who's a fan of glitter.

Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

Sunday, September 15
Cedar Springs Road, Wycliffe Ave to Lee Park

Because it legally isn't gay pride without a parade. This year will be the Freedom Parade's 30th march, and it ends in Lee Park where a festival kicks off from noon to 8 p.m. Time to see the most inventive and minimalist costumes Dallas can come up with, plus revel in communal love and support. If you've never made it to a pride parade before it is strongly recommended, at the very least to see what those conservative pundits are always bitching about.

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The Madness of Lady Bright
Sunday, September 15
Kalita Humphreys Theater, $10-$15

One of the earliest plays of the gay theater movement, Madness is a monologue delivered by the titular and faded drag queen, Lady Bright, as she recounts her life. There are shades of Tennessee Williams, and just a touch of Lady MacBeth, what with the madness and all. It's one of the first plays to present a gay character in a straightforward way, and this year it's part of the Dallas Pride Performing Arts Festival. This little piece of history starts 8:30 p.m., so keep eventual sobriety in mind during that parade.


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how sick our world has become that "we" celebrate sin and a disgusting sin at that. It's embarrassing that our great city of Dallas, celebrates pure sickness and trash like everything gay...


To Jon Jackson....

Unlike the other "prides" you mentioned that were formed to promote equality, WHITE PRIDE has been more commonly linked with SUPREMACY. Just thought I would point that out.


Also there's a LGBTQ Social Justice Summit at UT Dallas (Clark Center) on Saturday, Sept. 14 from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Plus free breakfast and lunch and speakers from HRC, Planned Parenthood, Lambda Legal, LULAC, Freedom to Marry, with a law panel and Ana Cristina Reymundo, Nexos executive editor as the luncheon keynote speaker. Check out the lineup at LGBTQSummit.com


Should be fabulous! Should be Speedo city and Six Flags will be packed! Should have been a Celebrate Dallas Day vs this "Pride" week!

Kelly Tomlinson
Kelly Tomlinson

You're welcome to stay home that day, JJ. The point of GAY PRIDE is that gays were told to be ashamed of who they were for centuries. Today, they have the right to be publicly PROUD of who and what they are. Don't like it? Don't go.

Jon Jackson
Jon Jackson

The concept of gay pride is demeaning in of itself. You want to take pride in something? Take pride in being a good neighbor, a good friend, a good parent etc. Having pride in something you have no control over is ridiculous. It's as asinine as white pride, black pride.

Brittany V Gosa
Brittany V Gosa

Carlos Lopez it's your favorite week of the year!!!!

Kelly Tomlinson
Kelly Tomlinson

Dallas Pride? Don't you mean Dallas GAY Pride? Don't dilute it! Next you'll be telling us about a little minor scuffle at Stonewall. Gentrification is evil.

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