The 13 Greatest WTF Moments in Professional Wrestling History

Who cares what The Rock is cooking? Hogan made pasta!
It's been 12 years since a fire took the home of North Texas professional wrestling, the famed Dallas Sportatorium, thus extinguishing the notion of North Texas as a hotbed for dudes in underwear fake-punching each other.

Before Sportatorium's demise, professional wrestling was already limping along, thanks to the Dallas-based World Class Championship Wrestling's folding more than a decade earlier. Since then, "wrasslin'" has again found its legs. The once-named WWF went national; made a ton of money; changed its title to WWE; gave us a top-grossing action movie star; and generally pissed off right-wing television pundits with its over-the-top story lines.

Saturday, WWE Live takes over the AAC so we've gone down the rabbit hole and put together a list of the most WTF moments in wrestling history. Get ready folks, it's about to get real Dadaist up in this blog.

Ultimate Warrior Meets Arsenio Hall
Cocaine is a hell of a drug (or maybe it's the coffee?). At least Arsenio survived -- when Andy Kaufman and Richard Belzar appeared on talk shows with wrestlers, they both got "injured." And it's not like they did what Aresino did and shaded the wrestler's drug use during the whole interview. This isn't even the weirdest thing the Ultimate Warrior has done; back in 2003, he spoke to College Republicans about campaign fundraising. C-Span was there, and the video is amazing. He also did a bunch of bizarre commercials for Westway Ford back when he was wrestling in Dallas in the '80s.
Stone Cold Steve Austin Hates Supermarkets

This is the weirdest episode of Supermarket Sweep I have ever seen. Stone Cold spends part of the video just chugging beers and chucking eggs. Little-known fact: He learned this during his time at North Texas in Denton; it's an elective class for American history students.

The Shockmaster

I have no idea what's going on here, but the tubby dude who just fell through the wall is called The Shockmaster, and his mask is a Ke$ha-fied stormtrooper helmet. I'm 99 percent sure this is one of Will Ferrell's Funny or Die pranks.

The Muppets

The big blond dude in the singlet is the least believable Muppet of all time. Either this is something that actually happened, or I've lost my mind and am now sitting in an institution, drooling and muttering terrible Fozzie jokes to the wall while wrestling plays on the activity room television.

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 Not even close. 

In the 80's the von Erichs ruled the rasslin' pecking order in Dallas,  their Holiday shows would pack Texas Stadium.

 Story was that son Kerry had a bad accident driving a motorcycle.  It was much worse than the public knew.   His new costume featured leather boots with lots of super-long fringes swinging around it.

He's rasslin' the well-known South African racist,  Col. DeBeers,  in Las Vegas.  DeBeers has been told to stay away from the right leg,  no matter what,  don't mess with the right leg.

DeBeers was probably dyslexic.

Sure enough,  just when the action got hot,  he grabbed Kerry's leg,  anked hard.

Fell back on his ass,  Kerry's boot and artificial leg in hand.

 Kerry rolls off the ring,  down on the side,  hollering "GIVE ME BACK MY LEG,  YOU ....."

I told the story to Helen Bryant,  then of the Times Herald,  who ran it in her gossip column.  She told me she had a couple phone calls telling her not to ever piss off rasslers,  and watch her back.

Top THAT one!

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