(NSFW) Nerd Alert: The Five Best Video Game Themed Burlesque Pics from Naughty Bits

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All photos by Ed Steele

The coin world princesses of Viva Dallas Burlesque! stripped down to their eight bits last weekend at a gaming themed spectacular. All the babes were there: Mortal Kombat, Duckhunt (with more estrogen, natch), Dr. Mario, Skyrim, Princess Peach, Ms. Pac Man and others fought for the crowd's affections. Since the costumes were so great, we're showing our favorite pics of the gals before the pasties come out. (Don't panic, you can see it all on the slideshow.)

Here they are: The Five Best Costumes from Naughty Bits.

All photos by Ed Steele

All photos by Ed Steele

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