The Five Best Photos from Invasion, Deep Ellum's Tricked-out, Throw-back Car Show

Categories: Photography

All photos by Mike Brooks

Last Saturday Deep Ellum felt the friction of hundreds of wheels as pre-1964 hot rod and kustom car enthusiasts took their victory laps. We love Invasion because its a celebration of that grittier car era, before the body styles got too bubbly and cheerful. Plus, it's a chance to break out the red lipstick, hike our jugs up and lean on cars like we own 'em -- well, for the ladies, anyway.

We sent photographer Mike Brooks out to capture the action in photos. We've gone and picked out our five favorite photos for you, all in stunning black-and-white. Now pocket comb your hair back and let's cruise.

All photos by Mike Brooks

All photos by Mike Brooks

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