So, There'll Be Competitive Arm Wrestling in Dallas. Also, Competitive Arm Wrestling is a Real Thing.

You understood that an underground community of arm wrestlers exists, because you're savvy. It's just that until today, you'd based your knowledge of said subculture entirely on the 1987 documentary film Over the Top, Hollywood's definitive instructional manual to the sport and its key players.

Pick up where Stallone's primer left off at this weekend's Europa Expo, an event for juiceheads so muscular that they might explode if tickled. The 2013 Europa Super Show Arm Wrestling Challenge is an epic battle that runs for two days and divides men by: weight class (whole body, not just arm); skill level (amateur, masters and open); and primary handedness (no righties versus lefties here, because: America.). Women are less gushed over with only two categories: right and not-right.

Winners of each bracket -- there are 30 in all -- get a $500 prize, with cash also awarded for silver and bronze placement. It's being organized by the United States Armwrestling Association, which is a real thing. The expo runs Friday and Saturday and the arm wrestling competition costs $25 to enter.

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Adam Cochran
Adam Cochran

Will Kenny Loggins be performing at the event?

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