15 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Labor Day Weekend, August 29 to September 2

There's a magicians conference this weekend. More importantly, there's this video about the magicians conference. Watching it feels like eating drugs.

You're lookin' at a long weekend, so grab your HOV lane manikin, prop 'em up in your office chair, Ferris Bueller the guy... then slowly press back to the exit. We're going to start this thing early.

Take a road trip to Oklahoma City to meet the beautiful brain behind Pee Wee's Playhouse; slurp Cheerios while watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids at Texas Theatre; and go see neighbors pummel each other at Fight Night. That's not all: there's burlesque, magic, more puppets, parties, art, karaoke, Broadway shows, competitive chess and movies about competitive chess.

I hope you ate an exceptional breakfast. You're going to need it.

Share this list with your friends and click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one getting sawed in half.)

Thursday 8.29
The Ticket's Fight Night -- It may be the year's best free party. It's certainly an excuse to see your neighbors pummel each other while knocking back cold beers. Join your fellow P1s ringside tonight.

Wayne White's giant puppets, up at the OKC Museum until October 6.
Wayne White, at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art -- Join me and some other art-loving misfits tonight in OKC. The trip's worth the drive since Wayne White, the twisted brain behind Pee Wee's Playhouse, is giving a talk called "Yer Supposed to Act All Impressed." Tickets are sold out, but a simulcast is being held in the lobby. While there you'll see his current exhibition of giant puppets, HALO AMOK, which is on view through October 6. It's a cubist cowboy rodeo that's truly worth a gander. (Skip out of work early for this one...)

Honey I Shrunk the Kids with Free Cheerios! -- Jeez, Texas Theatre. We get it: You make amazing things happen, constantly. That fact is proven again this weekend as the one-screen movie house shows THE classic film of your childhood, Honey I Shrunk the Kids in 35-mm. Plus, they're giving away free Cheerios before each screening. Plus, plus, they're showing Roger Rabbit short "Tummy Trouble" prior to the feature.

Art Talk with Stephen Lapthisophon -- He's a mentor to many and an inspiration to all who see his gorgeous, messy, beautiful art. Listen to Lapthisophon discuss his current show tonight at Richland College, and consider it a primer -- he's got a solo exhibition arriving at the DMA very soon.

Friday, 8.30
The 79th Annual Southwest Open Chess Tournament -- It's the geekliest of geekly pursuits and there's $9,000 in prize money at stake, so yes: the nerds may get frothy while aligning their knights. You'll probably need to see that.

Book of Mormon -- Here's the deal with Book of Mormon: It's infuriatingly perfect. You don't have much longer to assume your missionary position (It closes September 1), so try for tickets now. Remember they have that pre-show lottery for $25 cheap seats.

The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour -- Held at Arlington's ultimate joke self-generating venue, Someplace Else, this comedy showcase is full of punk rockers and folks who run with punk rockers. Members of the Krum Bums and the Unbookables support JT Habersaat, who released the violently-titled album Hostile Corporate Takeover just last year. Go. Drink. Wear extra safety pins.

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Labor of Love festival is on 9/1 not 8/31. bought tickets thinking it was 8/31 now a waste of money because date is wrong! 

Dfw Brutha
Dfw Brutha

Bedford Blues & BBQ Labor Day Weekend Festival Aug 30th - Sep 1st bedfordbluesfest.com


There's a lot better stuff happening like the Invasion Car Show in Deep Ellum Saturday. 


@harrisonblum Oh man, I love that show. Thanks for the head's up! EVERYBODY GO!  (If you're in with those dudes, have 'em touch base next year so we can help plug it better.) They can reach me directly, always, at Jamie.Laughlin@dallasobserver.com

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