Your July Guide to Dallas' Free, Outdoor Movies. You're Welcome, Cheapskate.

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You can make the free movie rounds each weekend in July, thanks to Downtown Dallas Inc. and Alamo Drafthouse Richardson.

DDI announced its newest community-building project yesterday, a migrating outdoor summer film series set to occupy four different downtown spaces over the next month. The Friday night collection has a throw-back, sci-fi lean and it kicks off tonight, July 12, with Flight of the Navigator, a movie that rivals Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise as the best film ever shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tonight's screening happens at Belo Garden at 8:45 p.m.

Here's the full film schedule. Go ahead and add it to your calendar.

July 12: Flight of the Navigator at Belo Garden
July 19: Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Browder Plaza
July 26: The Iron Giant at Pegasus Plaza
August 2: Men In Black at Main Street Garden

Keep the free movie train in motion tomorrow with Alamo Drafthouse, Richardson's free screening of Dazed and Confused, a summertime classic. They'll have food trucks and local breweries onsite to help you make a night of it. It's also a series kick-off event, and since Alamo's run occurs on Saturday nights, your weekends are booked with free entertainment.

July 13: Dazed and Confused
July 20: The Lost Boys
July 27: The Goonies

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Andi Miller
Andi Miller

Charles D'Aprix, thought you might like to see this.


@Blanca Banda Belo Garden is in Downtown Dallas. Enjoy the movie!

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