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David Wilson
Addison Improv
Dallas' comedy scene can feel disjointed at times, but there's no shortage of places to see funny people say, and do, funny things. So for the moment, consider us the Siri of North Texas comedy, but way less warm and creepy-sounding.

Addison Improv Comedy Club, 4980 Belt Line Road, #250, 972-404-8501
Vibe: The Addison Improv offers full dinner and drink menus and brings in some of the best stand-ups. So while it's laid back, you'll probably feel most comfortable in something other than cut-offs and PJs. If you wear Crocs, I will personally go over and kick you out.
Who you'll see: Lots of big stand up names, like Ralphie May, Bill Burr, Kevin Pollack, Mo'Nique, Kevin Hart and Russell Peters, to name a few.
Tickets: Check out the website or call the club. Or if you're super lazy, buy 'em at the box office.

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* * *

American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Ave., 214-222-3687
Vibe: Home to the Mavs and the Stars, the AAC is your typical stadium venue: giant, casual, freezing cold.
Who you'll see: Comedy shows are rare here, but when they happen, bigger names show up -- Jeff Dunham, Dane Cook and Kevin Hart are examples.
Tickets: Online is best -- the names are big enough to sell out.

* * *

The Amsterdam Bar, 831 Exposition Ave., 214-827-3433
Vibe: Laid back and cozy, this jazz club gets snarky on the last Friday of every month.
Who you'll see: Local faves, like Paul Varghese of Comedy Central fame, and some of the headliners from Hyena's and the Improv.
Tickets: There are no tickets because there is no charge, which is the best kind of charge.

* * *

Arlington Improv Comedy Club, 309 Curtis Mathes Way, #147, 817-635-5555
Vibe: A mere four years old, the Arlington Improv is a damn nice club, so try to act right. Full dinner and drink menus are on hand.
Who you'll see: Well-known names, including Bill Bellamy, Eddie Griffin, Mike Epps and Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias, plus more.
Tickets: Check out the website, call the club or make your way to the box office.

* * *

Thumbnail image for backdoor_comedy_flickr.jpg
Backdoor Comedy Dallas, 8250 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, 214-328-4444
Vibe: Backdoor is a small and intimate club, but casual clothes are totally fine. Feel free to don shorts and flip-flops, but don't be surprised by a table of ladies in sequins next to you -- it's a mix. You can order some food (think burgers and hot wings) or just fill up on alcohol from the full bar. The club is located inside a DoubleTree hotel, and the parking is free. Score.
Who you'll see: Local favorites like Paul Varghese and Aaron Aryanpur are regulars, as well as Robert Hawkins, Dave Little and Linda Stogner. Backdoor features showcase-style set ups, so expect to see seven to ten comedians per show. Oh, and for birthdays or special events, you can have your dearest friend roasted to shreds by the pros. Call for details.
Tickets: Since this is a small venue, calling ahead for reservations is recommended.

* * *

Andy Curry
Bass Performance Hall

Bass Performance Hall, 525 Commerce St., Fort Worth, 817-212-4300
Vibe: Think: "fancy pants." Bass Performance Hall is home to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and the Fort Worth Opera, and it shows. Try to tuck in your shirt or wear heels or whatever people with money do.
Who you'll see: Huge names -- Lewis Black, David Sedaris and Bill Cosby, to name just a few. This is the big leagues.
Tickets: Call the ticket office or go online. Keep in mind -- with this level of comedic talent, shows could easily sell out.

* * *

Dallas Comedy House Facebook
Dallas Comedy House

Dallas Comedy House, 2645 Commerce St., Dallas, 214-741-4448
Vibe: With a full bar outside the performance room, a jammed show space and an outside patio with a couch, DCH screams "dive bar meets Deep Ellum meets rowdy improv crowd." Come prepared with suggestions to shout out at the comedy groups to get them going.
Who you'll see: Experienced improv groups and the occasional stand-up act.
Tickets: Just show up -- tickets are sold at the door. On Pay 'n' Stay Thursdays, pay just $5 and stay for the entire night (catch three acts).

* * *

Chantry Brinlee
Four Day Weekend

Four Day Weekend Theatre, 312 Houston St, Fort Worth, 817-226-4329
Vibe: Even though the club is fancy-looking, feel free to show up in casual clothes. Take advantage of the full bar for some extra fun.
Who you'll see: At Four Day, you'll see some stellar improv from David Ahearn, David Wilk, Ray Sharp, Oliver Tull, Frank Ford and Joshua Roberts each Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Six good-looking guys all at once? Yes, please.
Tickets: Visit the box office on Friday or Saturday from 2-10 p.m., call ahead or just go online.

* * *

House of Blues - Dallas, 2200 N. Lamar St., Dallas, 214-978-BLUE (2583)
Vibe: With a pretty sweet interior, House of Blues is as dressy as you want it to be. Jeans are cool, too. The performer truly sets the tone.
Who you'll see: Showcases are pretty popular here. Think the Jokers Wild Comedy Show and LOL! Comedy.
Tickets: Online is your best bet, or you can call the box office.

* * *

Hyena's Comedy Club - Dallas, 5321 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, 214-823-LAFF (5233)
Vibe: Hyena's is laid-back and casual and, yes, there's alcohol.
Who you'll see: At Hyena's, you'll find comedians making a name for themselves -- Doug Benson, Brad Williams, Collin Moulton and more.
Tickets: Head online or get 'em on the spot at the box office. And keep in mind that Thursdays are always free (Dallas location only).

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Dave Ybanez
Dave Ybanez

The Mavs are quite comedic these days. Ha!!!


Texas Theatre is a pretty good place for comedy, with Parade of Flesh bringing in the occasional national comedians (Neil Hamburger, Tim Heidecker, Pete Holmes), the monthly Behind the Screen comedy shows ( and at least 1 classic comedy film in glorious 35mm every month.

And if Parade of Flesh doesn't bring a comedian to Texas Theatre, they do the show at Sons of Hermann Hall (in the past year: Todd Berry, Rob Delaney, Tig Notaro's Professor Blastoff Podcast, Whites Kids U Know, Jay Chandrasekhar from Broken Lizard)


Mouth closed a couple months ago. Not sure if Ad-Libs has found a new home yet.

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