Five Extreme Hobbies That Are More Fun and Less World-Ruining Than Extreme Couponing

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Alice Laussade
I was in Target the other day, in the checkout line behind an extreme couponer. He was purchasing about 800 butt tons of Lean Pockets and approximately 300 ass loads of detergent. At first glance I did not judge these purchases, presuming that the purchase of that many Lean Pockets would inevitably end in the need for that much laundry detergent.

But then the wad of coupons came out.

And that's when I realized it: I would be in line for 20 minutes so that this guy could save $6. I now understand the true pain of extreme couponing. It doesn't just hurt the couponer ("SWEET! TRIPLE COUPONS FOR ONE MILLION PAPER TOWELS I NEED PAPER TOWELS ALL THE TIME Y'ALL AND NOW I CAN FINALLY BUILD MY PAPER TOWEL TREE HOUSE I'VE ALWAYS NEEDED!"). It hurts everyone.

For this reason, I have extremed five other hobbies so you can stop being extreme at couponing and start being extreme at something else. Please. Now. Behold, the list of five extreme hobbies that are less shitty than extreme couponing:

Emily Price
Extreme Quilting
Extreme Quilting is just like regular quilting, only you do it on acid. Quilts come out super extremed. Everyone's warm.


2. Extreme Pickling
Everyone's pickling things. But you're extreme. Seems like everyone pickles stuff that starts out pretty boring (see: cucumbers, beets). It's time to start pickling Jackass-style. Start with something extreme, and pickle that shit. Pickled Sriracha. Pickled snowboard. Pickled Flavor-Blasted Doritos. You're so extreme right now.


Rudi Ardiansyah
3. Extreme Small Animal Petting
You love kittens. You love puppies. You're super good at petting them. It's time to get extreme. Full-throttle this petting shit. Pet a kitten while you're dressed up like a cat, man. It's time to pet a sugar glider while hang-gliding. Let's do this. EXTREMED.

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I prefer extremely moderate extreme moderation. 


What about extreme time wasting! This article sucked, I thought there might actually be some interesting ideas here, but all you did was throw out the most generic hobby ideas, and act like a dumbass by putting stupid non humorous twists on them.
Do you laugh at your own jokes a lot? cause I doubt you see others doing it very often!

Wow quilting but on  ACID, whoa dude so friggin hilarious!  So I got to read a humorous article minus the being funny.  And lacking in any real information. Thanks.

If you just made your ideas actually somewhat interesting instead of bullshit, and then threw in your bad jokes, it would probably be GREAT!  But bad info and bad humor just equals bad writing.
I suggest quitting the comedian approach, and maybe looking for a website to blog for like Lifetime, or somewhere similar!
Sometimes stupid silly humor can be funny, but very rarely in text, it does better in pictures!  So at least if your gonna be silly make the damn article tell me something cool as well.

Thanks for the 5 minutes of bullshit, I hope I wasted at least 1 minute of your day back.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

only thing worse than an extreme couponer, is an extreme couponer that then writes a fucking check AAANNNND wants cash back.  It makes me want to jab pencils in the base of the back of their neck


@mbcez clearly you are well-versed in the hobby of extreme(ly long) blog comments

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