So Kinky Friedman is Keynote of a Mensa Gathering Today, Which Should be Hilarious

Please make it a reality television show.
Animal rights activist, salsa entrepreneur, politician, author, musician, Jewish cowboy, non-Mensa member and proud winner of the National Organization of Women's 1973 "Male Chauvinist Pig Award," Kinky Friedman will weirdly keynote American Mensa's 2013 Annual Gathering today in Fort Worth.

The member's-only partay takes place at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel, and promises to be filled with folks who are, like, way jazzed about testing in the upper two percentile of the general population. We can only imagine the exchange that will occur between the relaxed and casual Friedman and this group of eager, detail-driven eggheads, but rest assured that in our imaginations it's pretty effing great.

Kinky Goes Mensa? Someone get a reality television exec on that, stat.

The week-long convention's programming varies from "Speed talking" and "Introduction to Mayan Writing" to "Relevance of the Salem Witch Trials Today," "Game Theory" and "History of the Chickasaw Nation." If those words just got your pocket Thesarus all damp, do not panic: Mensa will offer IQ testing throughout the week for all you wanna-bes.

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I think it is a great choice for densa


I'll be speaking on Human Rights and immigration Friday at 9.


Yo it’ll be fun sho’nuff.

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