Hooters Invites You to Watch Boobs on the Boob Tube. Also: Boobs. Because, Hooters.

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This evening at 8 p.m., Hooters (aka "The Owl Place") cordially invites "local fans, friends and family" to a viewing party at their fine establishment in Plano. Tonight, as you likely already know, is the national premiere of the 30th Anniversary Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant (HISP) on FOX-Speed TV at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. Which everyone watches "for the wings."

Pageant contestants were chosen from more than 18,000 "Hooters Girls" who presently work in the more than 400 Hooters locations worldwide. (Can we not call the lovely women who work at The Owl Place "girls?" Let's show a little more respect, shall we? Let's go with Hooters Ladies. Or Hooters Gentlewomen.) Contestants compete for the coveted title of "Miss Hooters International."

If you'd like to watch the HISP real-time and also meet, in person, one of the Hooters Gentlewomen who made it into the top 60 spots in the pageant, here's your chance: Kristian Dodge will make an appearance at Hooters of Plano at 720 Central Expressway (in Plano) tonight.

Note: There will likely be cleavage present at this event. Not that you even noticed that there were ever boobs at The Owl Place. We know you only go there for the wings. And those orange, awkwardly-high-waisted underpants-shorts-things all the lady servers wear. We're convinced that they really should have named the place Awkwardly High Waisted Underpants Shorts Things Restaurant. Guess that name was already taken.

Kristian Dodge will sign autographs, and Hooters of Plano will offer you half-price appetizers starting at 9 p.m., plus $2 Bud and Bud Light specials. If you can't make it tonight, be sure to set your DVR to record this international event.

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