20 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Fourth of July Weekend

Happy 'Splosion Day, Y'all!

By now, we've all agreed to give up on this week, right? Go ahead and straighten the sunglasses on your cubicle manikin and quietly back out of the office. It's time to get this party started. (Odds that it will run for four days straight? 72:1)

Here's a weekend guide for your gameplan strategy session. Share it with your crew and click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one holding the matches.)

Wednesday 7.3
Early Fourth of July Fireworks -- This is the south. We're firebugs who light explosives every chance we get; how Dallas doesn't exist in a constant state of fiery apocalyptic ruin is beyond me. So yes, the pyrotechnics begin on July 3.

Devil's Bowl -- Probably the greatest night of the year, the Devil's Bowl annual Fourth of July race and fireworks show combines home-built race cars, cheap beer, freedom fries, Mesquite, and the most dangerous, low-to-the-ground-above-spilled-gasoline explosions you've ever witnessed.
The man sitting next to me last yer explained why it's so good: "We're rednecks," he said. "We do 'splosions right." TRUTH.

Thursday 7.4
Five Great Fourth of July Parties -- Here's a rundown of some great events happening around town -- just in case you're looking to do stuff, before watching things go "boom."

Five Best Places to see Fireworks -- Here's a list of the area's five biggest pyrotechnic sets.

Friday 7.5
Fly -- Dallas Theater Center's new Peter Pan musical is getting a lot of buzz, and has been since it was announced last summer. It starts this weekend, be the first to weigh in on all that wonder.

Pronail Princesa Birthday Bash -- Better tighten up that nail game, ladies. Pronail Princesa is Vanessa Quilantan's acrylic-droppin' moniker. She writes about the rap musics for the Observer when she isn't flippin' sets at Studio 410 and local hip hop shows. She's having a party and it'll be off many dozens of chains. Warning: dress code is set as "ALL CAPS."

Lone Star State Classic Dog Show -- Turn it into a scavenger hunt: find the best owner/pet look-alike; the most unnatural appearing breed; or hand out your own award for "scampiest."

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Lark Duncan
Lark Duncan

Going to Barcadia tonight to see my favorite new band Fingerless Ghost. Will be recovering tomorrow :)

Ryan Baggarly
Ryan Baggarly

Going to the Devils Bowl to shoot these badass fireworks off :)

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