Ten Things to Do with Your Dad in Dallas That Don't Involve That Lame Gift You Forgot to Buy

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Your dad is a man. He may have been tamed by the structure of society and had his teeth dulled by life's monotony, but he's in there, lion and all. So with father's day approaching, what have you gotten him? A tie? A gift card to Best Buy? Maybe a coffee mug or a kitschy card that took two seconds to read before being selected?

SHAME ON YOU. Throw that shit away right now. Your dad doesn't want another picture frame or book or fishing lure; he wants to spend time with you, assuming neither of you are complete assholes.

So: Have you thrown those boring gifts out the window? Good. May they land next to the plastic heart shaped box full of gross chocolate, and the stale Easter egg candies that have survived two world wars.

Here are some things to do instead. Let's move.

Breakfast, Not Brunch, Never Brunch (above)
Gonzales, a Dallas staple, sits deep in the old district of Oak Cliff and is known for throwing homemade flour tortillas that are as thick as pancakes. Go in with an empty stomach and a loose belt. You and your padre will almost assuredly need a nap to recover.

367 W Jefferson Blvd , Dallas


Food Bitch
The front of the swanky Ascension
Get High, Oh So High, at Ascencion
Coffee and its cool, sometimes intense, brewing methods are at the heart of this great Dallas coffee shop. Ascension mixes cultures in its brews, featuring Spanish, Italian and French specialties like the dark cortado or the popular macchiato. Sometimes dads like to just sit down and talk -- it's an old-fashioned form of communication; look it up -- so why not do that in a comfortable café with large windows,an inviting patio and legalized narcotics?

1621 Oak Lawn Ave


Pamper Me Manly
Sometimes the best bonding experiences may considered "too dainty" for the intentionally masculine, but do not be fooled: a haircut or straight razor shave from The Boardroom Salon is about the most manly thing you'll do all week.

Pool tables, a rich dark wooded salon area, leather chairs: The Boardroom offers a gentlemen's atmosphere and is a dry whiskey and cigar short from being my favorite place to unwind. The salon offers back and neck massages, head-to-toe grooming and precise haircuts. This is the perfect place for you to take your dad allow him to educate you on the finer points of why everything used to be way better.

The Boardroom
3501 McKinney Avenue, Suite D, Dallas


McKinley Reese, Flickr
The targets at Top Golf are seriously large, and colorful.
Golf and Beer, and Beer and Targets
You know what sucks about golf in Texas? Slaving through triple-digit degrees just to slug out a measly nine holes. By the time a game ends you're either sunburned, dehydrated, drunk or delirious with sweat.

Take out all of that laborious walking and waking up at 5 a.m. in order avoid the heat and treat yourself to Top Golf, which takes target practice golf games and brings by sliders and beers to keep everyone lubricated and well fed. Rent a spot (like, now), have a few beers with dad and play "let's hit the golf cart" with electronically tracked balls. There are five different games to choose from and the addiction level is high.

Top Golf
8787 Park Lane
, Dallas


Smoke a Stogie
There's something especially noir about grabbing a cigar, kicking up your feet and saying things like a 1920s gangster. Where's the best place in Dallas to do this? House of Cigars.

Customers are greeted by smoke pros who guide them through their extensive humidor, making sure that everyone smokes exactly what they want. They not only import premium cigars but they roll their own, and those in-house rolls rival anything else on the shelf. Locally hand-rolled cigars? That's the bee's knees, doll face.

House of Cigars inc.
13901 Midway Rd #110, Dallas


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