The Fashion of KXT Summer Cut (Photos)

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When we see you on the street and think you put some thought into your style, we may take your picture and ask you things. See previous installations in the Street Style archive.

The threat of (and eventual) rain showers didn't stop the crowd from looking good and having fun at the second annual KXT Summer Cut at Gexa Energy Pavilion. Here are some of our favorite looks from the day.

Name: Tracy Podken and Sean Springer
Age: 28, 31
Occupation: Her: Fashion Designer. Him: Furniture Designer
Style influences: Her: Vintage, 1940s, Him: Classics
Style breakdown: Her: dress found at estate sale, boots by Timberland, bracelet vintage Avon. Him: 501 Levis Classic, headband made by Tracy, sunglasses by Ray Ban.
Here to see: Everyone



Name: Stefanie Guerrero
Age: 23
Occupation: Real Estate
Style influences: Friends in the fashion industry
Breakdown: Entire look thrifted
Here to see: Avett Brothers


Name: Maggie Srygley
Age: 21
Occupation: Student at SMU
Style influences: J.Crew, Boho
Style breakdown: Shorts from Urban Outfitters, shirt by LF, shoes by Lucky, Texas necklace from State of Mind
Here to see: Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Avett Brothers


Name: Keith Heinzmann
Age: 26
Occupation: Consultant
Style influences: Bright color trends
Style breakdown: Shirt from H&M, shorts from Gap, shoes by Sperry, sunglasses by Ray Ban.
Here to see: Avett Brothers


Name: Ryan Parnell
Age: 27
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Style influences: "Things I Google"
Style breakdown: Shoes by Vibram
Here to see: Dawes


Name: Lee Angers
Age: 44
Occupation: Undisclosed
Style influences: Nordstroms, Gypsy Wagon
Style breakdown: Shirt and pants from Anthropologie, shoes by TOMS, watch from Mistura, headband from Gypsy Wagon
Here to see: Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Dawes

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