The Lumen Hotel's Super Fancy Swimming Pool Will Be Open to the Public this Summer

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The courtyard pool of the Lumen Hotel is surrounded by chaise lounges and waterside cabanas, but you'll need a room key if you want to dip a toe. Soon, that changes. The recently renovated hotel, which just picked up a few Brad Oldham sculptures, announced today that it's extending its pool privileges to the public on Sunday afternoons (noon to 6 p.m.) for the summer, beginning June 23.

The $8 swim fee at Lumen's ultra-modern oasis -- only one dollar more than the F.O.E. charges for its picnic-y lodge landscape -- will include lemonade, valet, swimming and hand-passed appetizers. If you don't mind racking up a tab, there's also a cash bar, cocktail service, and a poolside à la carte food menu at your disposal. Fake vacation anyone?

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I'm sure the hotel itself is hurting, only plausible explanation. 

J_A_ topcommenter

That pool looks reallly small. Most importantly, will there be untz untz music?

Milo Lowenstein
Milo Lowenstein

Another "be seen by" the pool in Dallas...LOL!! No one actually "swims" in a pool in Dallas's urban that would be just waaaaay too uncool as you might mess up your hair & make-up or faux hawk........

David Marin
David Marin

Queue the Caddyshack pool scene and obligatory Baby Ruth candy bar.

Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz

I can pretend to be fancy for the price of a movie ticket? SOLD

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