Your A-to-Z Guide to ScrewAttack, the Huge Gaming Convention in Dallas This Weekend

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Calling all gamers -- old school, new school, of the tabletop and video variety: Hosted by the ScrewAttack network, SGC is back by popular demand after a two-year hiatus.

Short for ScrewAttack Gaming Convention, or Southwestern Gaming Convention if that makes you more comfortable, it's this weekend in Dallas. Here's your A-Z guide of everything you need to know to about SGC.

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Adam Sessler
Adam Sessler
OK, I'm there. Do we really need to go through the rest of the alphabet?

Don't miss Saturday for your chance to rub elbows with the executive producer of Rev3Games and former host of G4's X-Play. He'll have an autograph session and participate in two panels. Claim your seats early; these are sure to be popular events.

The ultimate nerdy lyricist, popular for his parodies of video game songs, will answer your burning questions and even hold a workshop on creating your own geeky game lyrics. You'll leave inspired and with a million chiptunes stuck in your head.

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Dr. Zed Borderlands cosplay
Cosplay Contest
This essential element of any every geeky convention takes place on Saturday night. Expect to see all the usual characters but with an extra emphasis on the video game variety. Now taking bets on the number of Tiny Tinas in the Ashly Burch autograph line.

Dance Dance Revolution
Before there was Rock Band and Guitar Hero, there was that pioneer of rhythm performance games, Dance Dance Revolution. Dust off your dance shoes, hone your reflexes and show off those mad DDR skills in Saturday's Dance Dance Revolution Tourney.

E3 Mystery Game
Attending a gaming convention on the heels of E3 does have some advantages. For example, a mystery game received from a certain publisher at E3 will be one of the many hurdles contestants must overcome in the 7th annual Iron Man of Gaming tourney. If it's "not something we can talk about," you know it's gotta be good.

Family friendly
It's a convention about games, so of course there's no age limit. However, children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. And try not to get distracted and lose your kid. As a selfish childless person I don't want my panel interrupted with an announcement that the kid in the Sonic the Hedgehog costume is waiting for his parents at the registration booth.

Generations of consoles
Thought you'd be missing out on all those hours of gameplay while you actually socialize with real people? No fear -- hundreds of consoles across all generations will be on hand for your casual playing pleasure and tournaments, alike.

Hyatt Regency
This is where it all happens: SGC will take up over 80,000 square feet of floor space. Book a room and get special rates when you tell them it's for SGC. Think there will be any in-room late-night game-playing at this thing?

Iron Man of Gaming Tournament
Who's the best all-around gamer? Contenders will compete in a variety of games from different genres, but at the end of the weekend only one person can hold the ultimate title.

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Ask the bartender for the 'Level Up' drink at the bar!! 

Sunbelt Ryders
Sunbelt Ryders

If you haven't watched Game Chasers on youtube you should do!

Jeff Simons
Jeff Simons

Not as big as quakecon, not interested.

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