Five Great Photos from Nouvelle Burlesque Revue at Texas Theatre (NSFW)

Categories: Photography

All photos by Ed Steele
The Texas Theatre quantum leaped on Saturday night, landing in a time of feathered fans and come-hither dames. It was La Divina Burlesque's annual Nouvelle Burlesque Revue, a showcase of emerging and established talent mostly culled from central and North Texas but reaching as far as Hot Springs Arkansas and Finland. The gals coordinated their shimmy to the sounds of Damon Clark and his jazz ensemble as the audience sat, hypnotized by their glamor. We sent photographer Ed Steele to capture every wink and beckon; he came back with a treasure chest full of 'em. Here's our five favorites.

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All photos by Ed Steele

Number 5

All photos by Ed Steele

Number Four

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