The Fashion of Dallas School of Burlesque's Grand Opening (Photos)

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When we see you on the street and think you put some thought into your style, we may take your picture and ask you things. See previous installations in the Street Style archive.

The champagne was flowing on Saturday afternoon for the grand opening of the Dallas School of Burlesque in Deep Ellum (2924 Main). Here are some of our favorite pinup inspired looks from the event.

Name: The Dirty Blonde ("Dirty" for short)
Performing since: Two and a half years
Burlesque fashion inspirations: "The pinup era, Ursula Andress , the '50s look, red lipstick and fingernails, wiggle dresses, Dita Von Teese (for modern inspiration)."
Next performance: The Boylesque show on July 12 at The Quixotic World Theater.



Name: Caramel Sutra
Performing since: November, "I'm a baby"
Burlesque fashion inspirations: "The Dirty Blonde, old Hollywood and old Bollywood."
Next performance: TBD


Name: MT Molotov
Performing since: February
Burlesque fashion inspirations: "The Rat Pack, the late 1890s, felt and bowler hats."
Next performance: MCing this Friday at the Drop it Like it's Hot show at the Carnaval Theater.


Name: Yola Dee
Performing since: July
Burlesque fashion inspirations: "I use Google images and Pinterest a lot... 1920s through 1950s pinup, people like Dorothy Dandridge."
Next performance: The Ruby Revue Burlesque Show at House of Blues on Friday.


Name: Dapper John
Performing since: "I started going to shows five years ago with my wife (The Dirty Blonde), and started performing and MCing two years ago. I was just kind of a prop for my wife at first."
Burlesque fashion inspirations: "The girls are all decked out at the shows, and when you're surrounded by beautiful women in beautiful dresses, you can't just show up in jeans and a t-shirt.... Also, my uncle Harold is a major inspiration."
Next performance: The Boylesque show on July 12 at The Quixotic World Theater in Deep Ellum.

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