From Her Oak Cliff Salon, Miriam Ortega Primps and Protects Her Adopted Home

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Stanton Stephens

In this week's Dallas Observer we profile 30 of the metro area's most interesting characters, with new portraits of each from local photographer Stanton Stephens. See the entire Dallas Observer People Issue here .

Miriam Ortega is posted at the bar of Oak Cliff barbecue staple Lockhart Smokehouse, staring down a smorgasbord of ribs and turkey and deviled eggs and, stealing the spotlight from all of that, Ortega's signature cocktail, The Misfit. It's a grapefruit vodka and grapefruit juice concoction that on a good day also includes some grapefruit, and it is fucking refreshing.

Which is a good way to describe Ortega, come to think of it.

"A misfit is an outsider," she says of the drink's moniker. "Someone who doesn't care about the rules. Someone who moves in their own lane. Who creates their own lane."
Studio 410, Ortega's beauty and barber shop in the Bishop Arts District, is her new lane, a place where a Cinco de Mayo party means Cumbia-ing, sweating and beautiful women simultaneously passing out drinks and keeping the party in line. On the surface it's contemporary in every way: a street-inspired beauty shop complete with barber and nail artist, Dallas-made jewelry and clothing collections lining the front window, Sade and Erykah Badu scoring cuts and colors and blowouts. When you start to poke under the surface, though, it's clear that Ortega and her pack of stylists have actually created something almost old-fashioned.

Ortega sought out a space in Oak Cliff because she is from Oak Cliff. She lives there still with her children. Her family, originally from California, also lives there. So do all but one of her stylists, which means Ortega owns a small business in a community that employs, almost exclusively, its own community members.
So it makes sense that in her salon they do not seem like a staff. They seem like a family, complete with greaser gang name, The Lady Misfits.

"There is always a reason to come get your hair done," says Ortega, who's hoping to open a new salon near her other family, in California. "You're meeting someone, or a break-up, or maybe you need a reason to take yourself out. We get to be there for those moments. ... The clients are our therapists as much as the other way around. We get to live through them too."

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Obummer 1 Like

Yo how much do she charge fo' uh happy-ending?


She would be perfect if she lost the hand tats..Wowza !!

Johnny Bananas
Johnny Bananas

she may be a whore,  she may be a drug dealer, she may be a scam artist but theres no denying she looks good doing it.  i mean look at those legs! sexy! she can definitely get the business!

kendallpete 1 Like

I don 't know anything about the lady's personal habits or facility with scissors, but she's got the finest pair of legs I've seen in years.


I parked infront of this store one day and the windows were all busted out and she was crying outside... It was really awkward and the shop looked somewhat scary. I won't step foot in there... 


Studio 410 is awesome. I have NEVER had a bad experience. Miriam is a wonderful stylist and I expect nothing but amazing things when she is on the job! LOVE LOVE LOVE STUDIO 410!!!


LOVE Studio 410! Always pleased with the service, great music and fresh cuts!

Mrs.Urtes 1 Like

I've been getting my hair done by Miriam for the past few years cause she's a perfectionist at cuts and coloring, I've been everywhere from upscale salons to hotel salons and never been satisfied until I came to 410.. The compliments I get on my hair daily are a huge confidence boost, and my clients (from the hotel spa I work at), are constantly asking where I get my hair done, Miriam definitely earned her recognition.  

Celiz 2 Like

A big thank you to Dallas Observer for writing about a Hispanic Woman in Business! I have known Miriam for 3 years, initially my son and husband both went to get there hair cuts by a former barber that worked there. And I was in need of a stylist and my boys always spoke highly about the barbers and stylists and finally I gave in and made my first appt. I was a little hesitant to get my hair done by her at first as I had just recently had my hair damaged by a stylist in Plano. When I left I was extremely pleased and relieved that I let her work her hair magic. Her staff is always friendly and in high spirits and extremely polite. Miriam and her "Lady Misfits" deserve recognition in our community for the work they do.


Nothing but great feedback on how my hair comes out after i leave Studio410...i have also referred several friends to them and they have equally been thrilled with the results. I no longer live in the area but make sure I book appts with Miriam when I'm in town to stay looking fresh! Major props go to the Studio410 ladies for their constant creativeness and entrepreneurial drive!

rbernal1 2 Like

Miriam's success in the Bishop Arts District is a glowing reminder that anything is possible with hard work and initiative. As a client, I've witnessed first hand the dedication and commitment shown to her customers.

mped828 2 Like

My sister referred me to Miriam earlier this year and I'm glad I went to see her. She did a great job from beginning to end, starting with a great consultation, which resulted in the best cut I've ever had and she even gave me tips on how to style my hair at home. I loved my experience at the salon, and I've referred several people to Studio 410. She is super talented and deserves to be spotlighted, wishing her much continued success.

amandatrevino17 5 Like

Miriam has been doing my hair for the last 7 years, she's professional, punctual and the bomb at what she does!!! I'm always more than pleased leaving her salon. This article is acknowledging her talent and expertise, she deserves it, she's a brilliant business woman! Bringing up her personal life is irrelevant and trashy. Women are supposed to be empowering one another not bashing them, and since I've known Miriam she's been not only the best stylist I've had but a great and supportive friend, always willing to give a helping hand. She's done a lot not only for her clients, family and friends but the community!


@amandatrevino17 again, what exactly has she done for the community I mean SHE, personally, not the other stylists using the 410 name. Explain what makes her the "brilliant business woman"? using people and taking their money?

jbeemer1 1 Like

The sad part is that she's a mother... selling drugs to a 16 year old. The fact that you all support that is very sad. Its low class and the way you all defender her is sad also. You should stand up for your people not bring them down. You should support good honest hard working mothers, not this individual. On top of that her parenting skills are pathetic. She's not supposed to even be anywhere near kids. Look it up if you don't believe me! She should be ashamed still selling junk to kids. You may be angry at me but at least I stand up to for my people. I don't support the women that make us all look bad. I know this because I know her family... went to their church for a long time. Never again. I even know some of you ladies defending her personally and in your eyes you know im not lying. I support good Christian women.


@jbeemer1 She has kids? I would be embarrassed if I were them.

Melobliss_ 3 Like

Miriam is very deserving of this article, hands down a dedicated & hard working business woman.  She's rocked my hair for 5 years now, she knows exactly what I want and how to make it happen.  I've experience tons of salons in Dallas over the past 13 years living here and Studio 410 has hands down won me over.   She is a true artist and a firm believer in helping the OC community in any way possible.  I'm so excited to see Studio 410 shine!! 


@Melobliss_ how is she helping OC community exactly? by doing your hair?


Enough already! Who are you to judge others while hiding behind a screen name at that! Your just a hater, if you don't like her or the salon, or the blog then move the eff on and leave everyone alone!!!

cindiwaderich 4 Like

My experience with Miriam at Studio 410 has been wonderful. Her professionalism, expertise & pleasant customer service skills are much appreciated. She has been my hair stylist for 9 years and I never leave Studio 410 disappointed! - Cindi Richardson


Say what you want. I'll have the last laugh when justice is served. You don't mess with someone's kid sister like that.

ProudLadyMisfit 2 Like

Miriam has been my stylist for 6yrs and I love that she knows her art in hair. The shop has a great atmosphere and the whole Studio 410 fam is so talented! I am always getting complements on my hair. Which I refer them to Studio 410. I have Family and friends that are now clients there. I am a Lady misfit :)

RoseCastle 3 Like

Miriam is a great styles I have been very satisfied with her work and have been a returning customer since I started going to her. This is a salon that shows perfection in making their clients happy and leaving looking and feeling beautiful. All the ladies there always show the up most of professionalism. With a positive, relaxed atmosphere, there's nothing but good vibes at Studio 410.

jbeemer1 1 Like

Its a shame that you support people like this. Its not an opinion its a fact. Maybe you should ask the other chubby girl that works there Jake. Or maybe lets ask Ambrosia Ochoa her supplier.


Jake is a super talented stylist! :( 4 Like

Lol this idiot right here ^ who gives a damn what these people do on their own time, this about "art on hair" not a E TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY. dumbass.

JRod76 1 Like who cares if Aaron Hernandez murdered someone on his own time, he's great on the field! Who cares if Michael Vick hosted dog fights? He was a great QB! This the DALLAS OBSERVER, a publication that approves curse words in their articles and publicizes people, so expect the criticism! 5 Like

Funny how this so called "hairstylist for 6yrs" is quick to lash out! ever wonder why in the world your own sister is going to someone else to get her hair done? "Confused"...regardless Miriam is an amazing hairstylist and has been rockin out my wig since 08. Ive always been greeted with a smile and a vodka :). What better way to wind down after a long day at work? Listen to some great jams and walk out feeling like a million bucks. People obviously dont handle competition well. Smh haters!

rox2213 3 Like

I've known Miriam literally all my life. She was the first person to color my hair. First person to style my hair. First person to care enough to tell me what would look good on me then just hack off my hair because that's what I wanted. She's an artist at what she does! I've never been disappointed by her work nor any of the other lovely Misfits of Studio410. She and the other lady's have done a lot positive for OakCliff. Whenever any one ask where's the best place to get a fresh cut I all ways, and will forever say, Miriam and her Lady Misfits of Studio410!!!

brenfmoreno 3 Like

Filomena! Bitter party of one? ... I have no idea what you are talking about. Studio 410 is the epitome of professionalism in the salon world. I have been going for years and love Miriam! Miriam does a fabulous job on my hair!! I have always walked out of 410 happy with my results and enjoyed my time while I was there. Maybe if you were the professional that you claim to be, your sister wouldn't have to seek out the competition. These are good people, and they are keeping it in the family - you know kinda like your sister should have.

katygfrey 4 Like

I've been knowing and going to Miriam for a few years now to get my hair done (which always looks AWESOME by the way...) and let me tell y'all she always has me leaving the salon feeling so on point. This lady not only knows how to make others look and feel beautiful, but she has SOUL and it shows. The Lady Misfits are a breath of much needed fresh air and deserve the recognition! Keep doing you girl. <3

gracegonzalez24 4 Like

I love getting my hair done at Studio 410 Miriam is one of the best stylists in Dallas i refer everyone i know to her! She's good at her job from on working virgin hair to fixing other "stylists" mistakes! ive been going to miriam for 7 years and will NEVER go to anyone else she knows my hair, cuts, colors, and styles it, and always does it better than i expect! She's an awesome professional stylist, always makes people feel welcomed and is there to serve her customers! She's all about having a good experience and always makes sure that everyone who to goes there is comfortable. She's the best in her profession... It's so sad that other people have to hate on other people cauae they don't get the recognition that they think they deserve. Miriam is obviously doing something right to get as much recognition as she's gotten. Keep up the good work LADY MISFITS Miriam dont let these haters bring you down let them fuel your fire so that you can get even more attention! :)

adriflor 2 Like

I have been going to Miriam for the past 6-7 years. Before I hopped from styling chair to styling chair because I was never quite satisfied but at the first visit I knew I'd found the stylist I was looking for. She didn't bat an eye at my trouble hair. She understood what I wanted, worked quickly, and gave me pointers for at home styling. And that hasn't changed in all these years. My visits are better and better. I walk out feeling like a million bucks. Her work is recognized. I remember the time I was walking in Bishop Arts and someone asked me, 'Did you just get your hair done by Miriam?' With a big smile I responded, 'Yes!' So happy to see her getting the recognition she works hard for.

filomena 2 Like

This person did a terrible job on my sisters hair... not licensed huh? Y esta pendeja....sold my sister marijuana food. She's only 16. Cops don't care I tried that already. Its sad that Observer writes about these fuck up people that make oak cliff look bad. We need people like her out of our neighborhood. Observer needs to highlight good honest professionals... not this rashly person.

filomena 1 Like

the writer... not because she's anyone special.... wake up Dallas !!!! shame on u observer!

debdoingdallas 1 Like

@filomenaYou have a right to your opinion and while I have become friends with Miriam over the past year we met after I sought her out following a special event at 410. Your experiences at 410 have obviously differed from mine. Additionally, though I did write the profile, I am not who nominated or finalized Ortega's inclusion in the issue. -Deb

filomena 2 Like

Observer needs to stop putting da light on people that dont deserve it. Specially this shop and this woman. I've been a hairdresser for over 6 years and im proud of my profession.... this person is not even licensed and neither is a few of the employees including the nail tech. It makes me mad because they don't deserve the credit real professionals deserve. On top of that she only made this issue because she knows

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