The Best BYOB Activities in Dallas

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Nicholas Porochnia Jr.
The combination of leaving the house, avoiding pricey drinks and still getting to sip on your favorite liquid is a recipe for awesomeness. So we rounded up 10 BYOB activities that you and your liver can do together.


Get Crafty
Art in the Vine has art teachers that will guide the way in beginner, intermediate and advance classes. They have wine glasses and ice buckets for your convenience, but please bring your own ice. For $35 - $50, you get to walk away with your very own masterpiece, even if it looks less masterful in the morning light.

Painting with a Twist has gender-specific classes, so no need to worry about getting wasted in mixed company. Two hours for $35, or $45 for three hours -- be sure to come prepared and possibly pace yourself for the latter. You can bring snacks too.


Smell the rosesThe Dallas Arboretum has over 65 acres of seasonal flowers, ornamental shrubs, trees and plant collections. Its beauty is only matched by the fact that's BYOB. So pack up the cooler -- one with wheels would be best -- and make it a picnic.


The Quebe Sisters Band
See live music
The Levitt Pavilion will be showcasing bands all summer long, and entrance is free. A variety of music can be heard; check their calendar to find your favorite genre. To deter street fighting and celebratory bottle smashing, glass containers are forbidden.


Smoke hookah
The Cairo hookah lounge serves food and virgin blended drinks; bring your own additives, obviously. DJs and belly dancers are staples on the weekends.


The Sea Breeze
Rent a boat
Don't worry -- you don't have to do the driving. JT's boat rental will cruise around Lewisville Lake with 1-50 of your closet friends in tow. For those without friends, JT has public cruises on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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