This Weekend's Beer Pong Tourney in Addison Does Not Include Beer for Some Reason

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This weekend, North Texas Beer Pong is hosting its Battle of the South Weekend, a multi-day event of beer pong tournaments at McFadden's in Addison. It kicks off with the King and Queen of the South, the men's and women's singles tournaments, and builds to an eight-round squad tournament with 10-player teams cupping off against each other.

But before you start polishing your finest balls there are two things you should know.

1. Registration is closed. This is some serious stuff guys, and regional teams from San Antonio to Maryland are showing up.

2. There's no beer in the cups because of a Texas law, which means there are Texas laws relating to beer pong.

So, the pong cups are full of ...water. Even at the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas (totally a real thing) only the first six of the 10 cups are full of beer.

"A lot of these kids are playing for money," says McFadden's manager Justin Armstrong, stressing that the contestants don't have a college mindset and take the game seriously. This past year the World Series in Vegas had a $50,000 grand prize.

But you don't get drunk?

"They can drink your own drinks on the side while you play," says Armstrong, "they just can't pour beer into the actual playing cups." Players don't even have to be old enough to drink, but since McFadden's doesn't allow anyone under 21 after 9 p.m., a 20-year-old going for the championship should pray that the tournament gets wrapped up early.

Fair enough. But doesn't the game lose an integral part? Apart from the customary chugging there's the looming risk of getting so buzzed and so far behind that a comeback is impossible.

"These beer pong tournaments are much bigger now than they ever were," says Armstong, "for a lot of these kids it's not about the drinking anymore." With a $5000 prize, these pongers are playing to win. "If they were playing with the beer in the cups, I don't know that it would be beneficial to them."

Interesting. That brings up a totally separate follow-up question: Is there seriously no beer?

"If you really want to," says Amrstong, "you can keep a beer next to you and every time they make a cup you can drink a beer. If you really want to play that way, you're welcome to."

Thank you. We really, really do.

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WOW! I am very disappointed in this. First, you try to throw me under the bus, about myself not allowing players to put beer in the cups with no apology. Then, after you fixed the slandering mistake, your blog is pointless about not playing with beer in the cups, since TABC regulates it. After writing the story, I figured you would have at least made the trip out to see if you may have been wrong about your assumption that there is no fun with no beer in the cups. I'm guessing I'm not gonna get an apology for this either. Thanks for the write up.


Luke Darby was almost right, The Battle of the South Beer Pong Tournament is totally the real thing. This sanctioned event hosted by North Texas Beer Pong is no kids stuff. So if you plan to come play a drinking game stay home.  While the Squad Tournament Registration on Saturday is closed, the other Tournaments, still have openings but are closing fast. Friday's  Tournament is for the King and Queen of the South. Sunday's closing event is a  Tournament for which a two person team will win entrance fees and hotel accommodations to the $100,000 Master of Beer Pong Tournament held in Las Vegas in July.    So maybe Mr. Darby should have really really really talked to the host of this weekends event.

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