Huggies Has Developed an App That Tells You When Your Kid's Diaper is Wet

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Huggies TweetPee needs to be a thing in America. We need it.
Information: There's a Huggies App that sends you a tweet whenever your kid pees in his diaper.

Adweek tells us that the Huggies TweetPee is "a little sensor dreamed up by Ogilvy Brazil that affixes to your baby's diaper, syncs with an app and tweets at you whenever it detects pee (in the form of a higher humidity level)."


What parent wouldn't want a tweet to tell them their kid needs a diaper change? The baby can't tell you himself, amiright? And who wants to go through the hassle of checking their own baby's diaper? Answer: None of the anybodies.

Unfortunately the TweetPee sensor is just a "concept" and won't be available for purchase -- yet. They're just using it in the ads to promote the app they're offering, apparently. Worse news, this is only happening in Brazil. In the Adweek piece, a statement from Huggies:

"Huggies Brazil is excited to announce we will launch TweetPee in Brazil this July -- a new iPhone app that is designed to help parents better keep track of the volume of diapers they use and provide easy integration with online retailers to make life easier for busy moms and dads. In conjunction with the TweetPee app's debut in Brazil, feature videos will highlight the experiences of 10 moms and dads who use the app to streamline and more effectively plan for their purchases.

In the promotional video referenced, the clip-on humidity sensor is intended merely as a concept device to help showcase these 10 parents' experience with the app. It will not be made available for purchase ..."

Why, oh why, are we not producing the TweetPee with Pee Sensor here, in America? THIS IS AMERICA. In fact, in addition to the TweetPee with Pee Sensor, at this time we also request:

TweetShits: The obvious, and necessary, follow-up. Sends you a tweet when your kid dumps his pants. For an extra fee it'll send you a tweet every time you dump your own pants.

TweetFungry: Sends you a tweet when your belly starts rumbling. Or a carrier pigeon is sent to shit on your head whenever you get hungry, to remind you to eat. (Follow-ups: TweetThirsty, TweetDrunk, TweetWhiskeyShits)

TweetHorny: Sends you a tweet every time you get a boner. (Follow-ups: TweetSexIsHappening, TweetOwnedIt, TweetItsNotYouItsMe)

TweetDriving: If you start driving, this app will send you a tweet to tell you you're driving. (Follow ups: TweetCrashing, TweetSuckingAtLife, TweetWorstDriverEverEveryoneHatesYou, TweetSeriouslyICan'tBelieveYou'reStillTweetingAndDrivingYou'reNotThatInteresting)

TweetTweeting: Every time you send a tweet, this app will tweet you that you've tweeted that tweet.

Want to see more about the amazing, should-totally-be-available-for-purchase-so-we-can-all-be-better-parents TweetPee? Here's the promo video:

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Jonnee Evans
Jonnee Evans

If they really wanted to make a difference they'd have created an app called "You left the baby in the car you f#%king idiot!"

Frank-Dj Groove-Hernandez
Frank-Dj Groove-Hernandez

Sounds like Huggies needs a BS detector because whoever thought this would catch was full of sh*t!

Carl Fant
Carl Fant

As if the screaming kid wasn't enough to alert you.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

If you need a device to tweet you that your kid pissed himself, well you probably shouldn't be a parent then

TweetObserver tweets me every time I comment on a DO blog 

Damien Snavely
Damien Snavely

Better respond to it quick.. Huggies diapers are so shitty (no pun intended) that they'll probably leak all over and your kid will be ball kinds of irritated from how they feel

Steve Aydt
Steve Aydt

That used to be an app called "crying baby."

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