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Kevin Tedora
Dallas Comic Con, that annual ode to pop-culture nerdery, arrives at the Irving Convention Center this weekend. If it's anything like last year's, it will be glorious.

But for noobs and vets alike, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. So we've created a simple-to-follow-if-you-know-your-A-B-Cs glossary, to give you the rundown of the good, the bad and the ugly of Dallas Comic Con.

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Akira, the greatest animated film ever made, will be on display with memorabilia and animation cels from curator and Akira fanatic Joe Peacock. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the film, which is the perfect time to turn a new generation into loyal legions to boycott that nasty live-action rumor.

Boyhood crushes
Natasha Henstridge (Species), Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) and Kelly Hu (X-Men 2), who all caused my pause button to break on all my VHS players, will be on hand throughout the weekend. These women toed the line between hero and villain with their characters, giving even more existential drama to my teenage crushes.

Kevin Tedora
Costume Contest
Swagging out in your favorite comic character costume is a given. But how about winning a prize for all those hours spent making that Malakili the Rancor Keeper costume? It starts at 5:30 on Sunday, and the first 100 costumed contestants will be allowed to participate, so get there early.

D-List Actors
Tony Amendola! Andrew McCarthy! Ernie Hudson! Seventies and '80s babies rejoice! Now you can tell your pre-teen "kind-of" crush, "sort-of" idol and "somewhat" hero how much you miss their face in mainstream media.

Early Arrival
It's the key to everything. You can't do everything, so plan for that one thing you can't miss.

Now that being a nerd is actually cool, there's one series true nerds still have for themselves: Firefly. Before Avengers, the great and powerful Joss Whedon created this masterful sci-fi epic in the early 2000s. Ladies, prepare yourself: Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and the ultra-sexy Jayne Cobb (Adam Baldwin) will be in attendance.

Good Causes
Austin Browncoats, the Josh Whedon-loving nonprofit, will have a booth to raise awareness of their efforts to work to end violence and discrimination in all sectors of society.

Hero of Hoth
"Right now, I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself" -- Dak Ralter. Manning his T-47 Airspeeder, these were Dak's last words before an AT-AT shot and killed him, then stomped on him, cementing his legendary status to all. The actor who played Dak, John Morton, will be in attendance. Go salute this Star Wars hero.

Irving Convention Center
The 50,000-square-foot, three-level building is sure to accommodate the hordes of nerds flooding into it during Comic Con. But for those who need more than what the massive complex can provide, Irving is also home to some of the seediest strip clubs and porno shops in the metroplex. (And other things, we're sure.) Enjoy.

"Jump" Options
It pays to be a VIP. Those with the fattest pockets can shell out for VIP wristbands that allow you to pass all other autograph hounds for a premier place in line for the select autograph guests. Choose wisely, though: You only have four opportunities on your VIP punchcard.

Kick-Ass Creator
John Romita Jr., who's signing autographs and giving a 2 p.m. talk on Saturday, is best known as the creator of the kick-ass Kick-Ass series. A one-trick pony he ain't, though: Here's a short list of his past collaborations, tenures and creations: 1970s Iron Man, 1980s Amazing Spider-Man (he co-created Hobgoblin), Uncanny X-Men, Daredevil, (he helped co-create Typhoid Mary), Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (written by Frank Miller), Punisher: War Zone, the original Cable mini-series, The Mighty Thor, a return to Iron Man, Wolverine, Black Panther, The Sentry, World War Hulk, The Avengers and The Eternals (for which he collaborated with Neil Gaiman).

Lost & Found
Located on the first floor, make sure you check in here for all lost Lightsabers, Batarangs and Power Rings.

Bring it. Lots of it. Autographs are pricey and so are photo ops. Save a few bills for La Zona Rosa

Good luck and Godspeed, friends. The ratio is not strong but your will is.

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CogitoErgoSum topcommenter

Bring your sunblock. Got burned last year waiting in a godawfully long line that snaked around the building. Took more than an hour to get in. For as big of a space as the convention center is, it is woefully packed for these events. Escalators and hallways are like a scene at the Ganges River during a Hindu religious holiday. Claustrophobes may want to sit it out.


The ICC is literally about a mile and a half or so (and less than 5 minutes), from The Lodge, Dallas Gentleman's Club, The Clubhouse, Jaguars, and a slew of others.


The author seems confused or has perhaps never been to Irving. There are no strips clubs or porno shops at all anywhere in the city limits. Probably thinking of Dallas.


Too bad that Nathan Fillion cancelled due to health reasons. Hopefully they can bring him to Dallas Comic Con Fan Days in the fall.


Irving doesn't have a strip club nor does it have any novelty stores. There are some on the brink of Dallas near Irving, but not actually in Irving. Not sure where the author of this got that idea.


Pretty sure that Irving doesnt have a single strip club in it. The Lodge is pretty close to the Irving Convention Center but it is still within the Dallas city limits. I know this because I used to go see concerts in that building before it became a titty bar and was still a rock club named Dallas City Limits.


Ernie Hudson is a goddamn saint!


Man this Brandon Routh thing is sort of a sad Hollywood fall, from hand chosen Superman, to failed CBS sitcom, to the Irving convention center all in just a few short years.


Richard Dean Anderson has never appeared on any Star Trek. I do believe you mean to say STAR GATE, which is an entirely different show. You might want to fix that bit (in the TREKKIES column)


@gabbahey Those are all in Dallas, not Irving. They're close to the Irving convention center because Dallas is close to the Irving convention center. 

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