18 Awesome Things to Do this Memorial Day Weekend in Dallas, May 23 to 27

Arrested Development Season 4 starts Sunday.

Prepare for extreme leisure, Dallas. The next four days are filled with drag queens, water balloon battles, brewery celebrations, rotten tomato chucking and top secret art shows.

Send out the group text and make a plan. And click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one doing a chicken dance.)

Thursday 5.23

Noche de Rumba -- The LULAC Young Adult Rainbow Council brings back the time-capsuled fundraising bachelor/bachelorette auction concept Thursday night, and as an update they've added Dallas' fiercest drag queen emcee, Jenna Skyy. Paying for companionship has never been so charitable.

Pasties for Progress -- Proof that there's a fundraiser for everything, this benefit burlesque performance goes to help some ladies jazz up their studio décor.

Enron (Theatre Three) -- This Jeffrey Schmidt-directed production pulls back the curtain on the energy company's misdeeds and uses dinosaur puppets as visual buffers. It's your last weekend to catch it.

Friday 5.24
Dustin Diamond -- He was Screech. He made a sex tape. Now, he does dirty stand-up comedy. Fans of Saved by the Bell, rejoice.

Ms. Gay USofA
-- Drag Race addicts listen up: Each year on Memorial Day weekend Dallas hosts a national drag pageant and this year's should be rowdier than ever because that crown is HUGE, ya' hear? It goes down at the Palladium Ballroom. Better werk.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert with Afterparty -- Need more drag? All right. On Friday night, party with the cast of Priscilla, DSM's current production. Your ticket stub gets you access, free parking and a cocktail.

Behind the Screen Art Show -- Just another unlikely fun-generator occurring at Texas Theatre. They've already put in an art gallery, covered the walls in murals by Clay Stinnett, and placed a performance artist behind the bar. Why not do an art show backstage? Oh, why the hell not. On Friday you'll see work by Darb$, Juan Carlos Salguero and Andrew Prieto-Sandoval and get live music by SuperSonic Lips and The Abnormal -- all for five bucks. You were probably going to wind up there anyway, now you have A Special Purpose.

Joker's Wild Comedy at House of Blues -- This installment of Joker's Wild, a monthly event that promotes area comics in a free show, has an afterparty thanks to a birthday by its creator, comic/host Chris Kazmarski. When prodded for party details, Kazmarski tells the Observer to expect: "a DJ, a monkey, special guests, cake and beer pong." Man, I hope that monkey plays beer pong.

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Kristina Smith
Kristina Smith

I see you forgot to include sending out emails correctly to those you've contacted for free tickets!!!!!! - color me ticked!!

Jimmy Wright
Jimmy Wright

I want you to show me where on the list it says that fucking screech gets in.

Johnna Smith
Johnna Smith

funny how the brain works...thought that read as "pricks".


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