You Can See The Sandlot at Rangers Ballpark Before Spending the Night in the Outfield

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I know, I know: It goes too fast, I should be careful what I wish for, etc. etc. But for the moment, damn, I wish my infant son was 5 or 7 or 9, and that he had a perfectly oiled glove, and that he knew what to do with a baseball other than eat it.

Because, man, we would be all over this:

On Saturday, May 11, Rangers Ballpark will throw open its gates to sleeping bag-toting fans, and throw the Rangers' away game against the Astros on the big screen.

Then the real fun starts:

After the game, Fox Sports Southwest and Rangers Ballpark will co-host a screening of the now-two-decades-old baseball movie The Sandlot, including a meet-and-greet with filmmaker David Mickey Evans and cast members Chauncey Leopardi (Michael 'Squint' Palledorous) and Patrick Renna (Hamilton 'Ham' Porter).

Then it's giant stadium lights out. Last one to fall asleep serves as home plate in the best night Wiffle ball game ever.

Twenty bucks for kids, 30 for adults. More information here.

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joe.tone moderator editor

It's 20 years old, not 30. I'll fix that shortly. Sorry for making everyone feel old.


The Sandlot is 30 years old?  Did I fall asleep and wake up in 2023?


Came out in 1993, so only 20 years old. 


It's two decades old, not three. Unless I'm actually 37... Wait, what year is it?

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