The Ten Best Star Trek Costumes From Saturday's Guinness Record Attempt

trekkie 2.jpg
All photos by Danny Hurley
In the world of geeky division, perhaps no chasm is as pronounced as the one within the Star Trek fan community. Many who love the entertainment empire profess their adoration exclusively to the original model, Deep Space Nine or The Next Generation -- meaning you may never see Spock slowdance with Deanna Troi, which is heartbreaking. So how do we bridge that era-specific divide?

Easy: Beam down a Shatner.

His Trekkiness materialized at the Dallas Convention Center on Saturday in support of a new Texas lottery scratch-off game. Around him they clustered, dressed as Datas, Spocks and even a toddler tribble, to break the Guinness Record for most costumed Star Trek enthusiasts in one room. No title was awarded, but we like to think unity occurred.

Photography Danny Hurley was on hand to capture the scene, and here's our ten favorite photos. See his whole slideshow here.

trekkie 1.jpg

trekkie 3.jpg

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