Come on Down! The Price is Right Live Is Coming to Dallas.

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Let 'em rework the model. No game show can match the riveting design perfection of The Price is Right. It's an unapologetic celebration of consumerism, populated with games of chance -- I still excited when the yodeling starts on Cliffhanger.

I'm not alone on this. We all harbor secret Plinko passions and Showcase Showdown lusts. On Wednesday, May 15, an interactive touring edition of the game arrives at the Majestic theater. In honor of the show's 40 year anniversary, Price is Right Live!'s press agents promise excess, Big Wheel style. You can sign up for a shot at appliances, vacations and yes, even a ne--e--ew car! Here's the contestant registration link.

Here's what Price's people have to say:

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how do you get tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????


@tinkers16 They'll be available through Ticketmaster, but the link hasn't gone live just yet and there wasn't a firm time/date provided. Still, you can register to be a contestant for free now, it just doesn't get you the full, studio audience experience. When Price's people post the link, I'll update this. GOOD LUCK!

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