Bateman Leaks Information About Arrested Development, Inspires Amazing Art

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The dishy media blitz for the new, fourth season of Arrested Development has begun, kicking off with Bateman's recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel. He said the pacing will be unconventional, playing out in divided unison. Each episode will follow a different character through the same segment of time, but if watched all at once you'd see the entirety of the Bluth family's events, and how their actions are affecting one another.

The packaged season drops on May 26, so you'll be able to toggle back and forth on Netflix picking up at various plot points like a Choose Your Own Adventure. Oh wait, it gets weirder. Season Four forms one third of a three act story. The second and third acts will be told in the Arrested Development movie, which Bateman predicts will be out in another year.

Colossus of Clout got so excited by this news that they put together a series of album art, with each album centered around a different Bluth family member. They're great. Here's most of them, see the rest on their post.

bluth banana.jpg


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