"I Haven't Had a Dildo in My Ass, Can I Still Attend?": Questions for Bondage Expo Dallas

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This weekend brings the very first Bondage Expo Dallas. With classes like "Knots for Novices" and "Tying for Speed and Efficiency," there's something for still-not-quite-everyone, from the curious Fifty Shades of Grey reader to the experienced strap-tightener.

BED goes for three days, and even features a "Play Party" on Saturday night. But in case you're feeling overwhelmed by "Torture to Erotic Surrender" or "Predicaments & Endurance in Hogties," we talked with Jake of Dallas Kink, the man behind the expo, to find out what all he's got under wraps.

So what's the goal of this thing?
I would say more to provide fellowship and community than anything else. The whole reason I organized this was because people came to me and asked why Dallas doesn't have something like it. There was no reason why we can't have it and now we do. I polled the community to see what they cared about seeing.

Are there any courses or presentations that you think newcomers should definitely check out?
Since it's the first year we've done this we've tried to gear everything toward beginner and intermediate level. Friday there's a "Rope Bottoming" and "Rope Topping" class. So if you're one who likes to get tied up there are things you need to know: You're responsible for your own safety, negotiation with the person tying you up, and they'll go over those kinds of things in that class. It's really good for those people who haven't had that much exposure to being tied up. And the rope topping class is for those people who haven't had much experience tying people up. "Knots for the Novice" would be good after that, and on Saturday there's "Bondage 101."

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What are some of the questions you get asked most often by newcomers when you're at these presentations?
Most people that are interested but haven't had any experience kind of joke about it. They'll say things like "I haven't had a dildo in my ass, can I still attend?" Yes, don't be silly. Others are more genuine: "What do I expect out of this, where do I start, how do I get continuing education after this weekend ends?"

You're teaching a course on how to make your own rope. What are other courses and workshops you've run?
Most of the stuff that I've done has been related to what I call guerilla bondage, which is doing bondage in public. You have to know what exactly you can and cannot get away with legally -- the statutes in a specific city that say what comprises inciting a riot, or disturbing the peace or public vulgarity -- finding a handle on specifically what those things are in a specific place and operating within those boundaries.

What's your experience been like doing guerilla bondage in Dallas?
I haven't really done a whole lot of running the streets with a girl and rope and camera in hand in other cities. As conservative as Dallas comes off, the police really have a good perspective on things. I've done hundreds of shoots on the streets of Dallas and been stopped dozens of times by the police. And every time it's the same thing. They know as long as they find out everybody is consenting to do this and isn't in any danger, they get it. Nobody is committing crimes here.

Are there any courses you think someone getting into it should shy away from? I'm looking at names like "Strict Industrial Rope Bondage" and "Mummification."
Mummification might not be as over the top as it sounds. I'll tell you that Boss Bondage does have some courses that if you're new and aren't expecting what you're gonna get from them, it's gonna be a little disconcerting. He's really good at what he does but it's not for everyone.

So what is mummification?
That will be essentially putting someone in an amount of duct tape, Saran wrap, rope, leather straps, etc., so they're completely restricted from moving. So if you think about what a mummy looks like wrapped up in gauze and bandage it's the same kind of idea. You put somebody in this state where they are very restricted and you take away their senses so what you do have left is heightened. And you work with that.

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