And Now, Totally Rad Illustrations by Mark Todd, Who's Showing Art on Sunday

An illustration by Mark Todd
I've got a soft spot for illustrators. And love stories. We get both in husband wife team Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson who have been collaborators in life's eccentric aesthetic since meeting in art school.

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I fell hard for Esther Pearl's 2012 show at Waxahachie's Webb Gallery, and on Sunday we'll get a look at her other half when Mark Todd joins the Julie and Bruce Lee stable of misfit artists.

Todd has a rare talent for condensing often elaborate plots into one, stunning image. He's a frequent hired gun for McSweeney's, Vice and the New York Times but he's also a gifted comic artist, book dude and general creator of rad things. Don't believe me? Fine. Here's a few completely great pieces of work from Mark Todd's portfolio. Enjoy.

ever illusive yeti.jpg
Just another great illustration by Mark Todd

This is a whole story that reads like a zine or comic book. It's called Blab! and Yeti stars in issue 18.

Just another great illustration by Mark Todd

This is a gig he did for GQ about proposed constitutional amendments. It's tagged "Freedom of speech, except for Geraldo."

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