Dallas Museum of Art Director Maxwell Anderson and Wife Jacqueline Are Divorcing

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At the end of a 2012 interview with Maxwell Anderson, the Dallas Museum of Art's Eugene McDermott Director, I asked him what he'd do for employment if he weren't shaking up the museum world.

He took a very short pause. Then, in an affectionate tone, he said he'd apply for, but be rejected from, managing his wife's career.

It was a warm joke, one that rolled off the back of his throat with a practiced, loving humility. Jacqueline has always been a welcome topic with reporters: They were the museum world's Brad and Angelina.

The pair met nearly 20 years ago when Jacqueline, an aspiring actress, walked into Anderson's gaze. Since then, she's had his DNA turned into modern art; held bit acting roles in movies like Half Baked; and been the subject of countless society spreads. Together, they've raised two children.

Now it seems that story has ended. She posted an announcement on her Facebook page informing all that the pair has split but will remain "committed champions of each other." She also uses the opportunity to plug her new gig: writer.

Buckingham will source this material for her new work: Separating into Wholeness: Revolutionary Relationships & Evolutionary Families. The post notes that more will be announced on her personal website, so it might finally be time to subscribe to her blog.

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She wears that dress without a trace of irony...but then again she was "Delilah" in Half Baked, so there's that. (Random!)


Anything to move Dallas further along in the arts is a boon - we tend to 'throw money' at these situations and wind up with condensed culture within a few blocks that sadly, a majority of the metroplex does not get to enjoy. As for us here at the Dallas School of Music (north of 635), we're taking a proactive approach - one person at a time.  I invite more artists, musicians, film makers, etc. to take matters into their own hands and create a grassroots, thriving, and lucrative environment for the creative arts in our area.  How nice it would be for our area to become a self sustaining mecca for art lovers, makers, and consumers.

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