Big Tex's Face Will Stay Creepy, According to this New Video

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Sorry Schutze, and happy Tuesday to Alice and everyone else. Our favorite freaky-faced guardian of on-tap root beer, Big Tex, is under the knife. And according to this just released video from the State Fair, his face will stay creepy and long-nosed.

Sigh, that's the Tex we know and love.

Take one minute out of your life to see for yourself. The music is terrible, so mute it and play the one I posted below the video instead.

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Does he really need that ginormous nose? I bet they'll make him wrinkly like that last one too.

Linda Coleman
Linda Coleman

But will he get some "maximus" in his glutes? Hopefully, the new incarnation won't have such a flat backside as the old model.


That's pretty impressive. He still needs sunglasses though. And maybe he should be dressed as a fireman for a couple years, that would be funny.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

The beginning of the video gave me a scathingly brilliant idea.  Why not make the face of Big Tex a stylization of a Brancusi sculpture?

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