20 Awesome Things to do in Dallas this Weekend, April 18 to 21

Happy 4/20 weekend!

As a perfect merging of events, 4/20 falls on Record Store Day and the Deep Ellum Gallery Walk -- yeah, you're welcome. There's an opera festival kicking off in Fort Worth, a screenprint showcase, a boxing match, GIF art, George Saunders (we've got free passes for that), two home shows, a Renaissance festival and Kettle Art's farewell exhibition show. It's another big ol' Dallas weekend so let's make a plan together.

Puff, puff, pass this list around your crew and click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one elbow-deep in a Pringles tall can.)

Thursday 4.18
Jubilee, Kettle's Last Art Show (current location)-- Attention: Do not cry on the art! Artists hate that. Tonight is the beginning of the end: a gallery retrospective group show celebrating Kettle's longstay Deep Ellum address. Join everyone, simply everyone, as we unite to sing this song in the name of Kettle's community legacy.

Scotch Whisky Extravaganza -- This party is just proof that you're running in the wrong circles. This club is dedicated to drinking delicious whiskey. If you've got enough money, you can go.

CentralTrak's Next Topic: "Art Writing and Art Criticism in Texas" -- A recurring topic in our hood is that there are too few people writing about art, which seems easy enough to solve, right? Just get more art writers? But it isn't as simple as that. Training, background, available time, niche interest, willingness to publicly say something's terrible or great and detail why it is the case, conflicting interpersonal relationships within a small community -- these things all play a role in the void. Tonight, a few minds will get together at CentralTrak to hash it all out, which will be too inside baseball for most of you, but positively titillating for the remaining handful.

Citizen Twain -- Chris Knight Val Kilmer's been hanging out/being weird all around Dallas for the last two weeks. That's because his new one-man show about Mark Twain runs this weekend at the Wyly. I mean, we're all going to this, right?

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Megan Dodson
Megan Dodson

Why no mention of the North Texas Taco Festival & Deep Ellum Market? That's pretty darn exciting!

Sarah O'Rear
Sarah O'Rear

Amber Martin's birthday party, THAT'S WHAT!

Mike Thornton
Mike Thornton

Guess the Arts Festival isn't important enough to make the list.

CogitoErgoSum topcommenter

"Whisky" is the correct spelling for the spirit known as Scotch. All others must insert the "e."

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