Our Ten Favorite Costumes from All-Con 2013

All con 1.jpeg
Photo by Bianca Montes
Over here at the Observer, we love a good convention. Last weekend's All-Con was a thing of exceptional beauty -- After all, when else can you walk through an Addison hotel and see men and women, bounty hunters and storm troopers, dressed down to suits and helmets partying in a hot tub?

Only at All-Con, man.

From steampunk angels to voice-modified Imperial Troops, we were humbled by your costuming skills. So, we've put together a few favorite photos to share. Here's the top ten, and pop back by for more dispatches from Geekfest 2013.

All con 2.jpeg
Photo by Bianca Montes

all con 3.jpeg
Photo by Bianca Montes

all con 4.jpeg

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Thank you so much for adding our costumes to this list! We were the Weeping Angels, Silence, and 10th Dr. We're honored to be shown alongside such talented costumers! 


The sexy Star Wars characters are kinda freaking me out.

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