Here's One, Beautiful Photograph of Cowboys Stadium

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Big Shot image of Cowboys Stadium, taken by the RIT School of Technology with Nokia sponsorship
We have this stunning picture of Cowboys Stadium thanks to two years of planning by the Rochester Institute of Technology's School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. In its Big Shot series, university photographers select interesting points of architecture or landscape, then selectively light them. But they don't use normal methods -- that wouldn't be any fun. Instead, they invite the communities around those landmarks to take part. Then, they put 'em to work.

Creating this glowing image required the neighborly assistance of 2,400 people from the Metroplex who came out, flashlights in hand, last Saturday night. RIT organizers positioned them and their portable lighting devices in clusters, illuminating the darkness around Cowboys Stadium. Achieving the angle required sending the camera 40 feet in the air on a scissor lift. Finally, the photographers used a 30-second exposure at f16 at ISO 400, giving us this final, remarkable image.

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ChrisYu topcommenter

that is beautiful. they should hire those techies to assemble a good team to put inside of it.


There is no beautiful shot of Cowboys Stadium.  Compared to other stadiums built in the last ten years or so, that thing is butt-ass ugly.


I would have preferred a topless shot. Too bad the stadium isn't 18 yet.

Mike Brooks
Mike Brooks

this is a really fun idea, but can someone level the horizon please?

Rex Curry
Rex Curry

I think you folks really need to look up the definitions of beautiful and remarkable.

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