Happy April, Fools: We're (Really, Actually) Screening Spaceballs at Sundown at Granada

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April Fools' Day is creeping up to us. To celebrate, Gavin Industries and Mixmaster, the future-award-nominated culture blog of the Dallas Observer, have teamed up to bring you Spaceballs on the roof of the Sundown at Granada.

Seriously, we swear: Please join us Monday, April 1 at 9 p.m., so we can all let our mawgs off their leashes, find out whose shwartz is bigger and argue over who's aged better, Rick Moranis or Mel Brooks. There may be contests afoot, so be sure to come in your best costume and bring your best diorama. And if we can pull it off then there will be Spaceballs cakeballs. And if we can't pull it off, preemptive April Fools!

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Dallas Observer
Dallas Observer

You definitely should. The only question is whether there will be a contest or you will just be a person there dressed as Barf. Either you win or everyone else wins. Can't go wrong!

Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas

So, should I really show up dressed as Barf, or not? I'm confused.......

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