Ticket Giveaway: Two Pairs of Passes To A Classic Samurai Film With Live Orchestral Score


When Montopolis brought its last experimental score to Texas Theatre, they performed a custom soundtrack to Man With A Movie Camera. The show was, hands down, the best date night happening in Dallas that evening.

They're back on Saturday with an all new musical composition to another classic, though less familiar, silent film. They'll play live to Tsumasaburō "Bantsuma" Bandō's legacy piece of Japanese samurai celluloid, Orochi, aka The Serpent.

Monotopolis says The Serpent still holds up, and they should know -- they've dedicated months to giving it a modern lift via auditory sidecar. They'll blend synthesizers with classical instruments, and they'll play 'em live, alongside the film, for one Saturday night performance. Yes, totally bitchin'. I agree.

Texas Theatre offered us up two pairs of tickets to give away, and you could win 'em. Just email me at Jamie.Laughlin@dallasobserver.com with the subject line "I Break for Samurais" by 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 21. I'll randomly select two lucky winners, then alert them of their glorious victory.

The rest of you: Don't sweat it. Tickets for this are only $10 if you get them in advance, which is about what you'd spend on a regular movie. Do yourself a solid and pick them up before they're gone. Your date will think you're much more worldly than you really are.

About this film you're competing for:
Known originally as a blade-swinging powerhouse actor, Bantsuma advanced to movie mogul during Japan's silent era. He held court, producing many popular films, but he peaked early with "The Serpent." Only Bantsuma's second production, people piled into movie houses to watch it. Like any good blockbuster, it had it all -- a custom blend of daredevil sword fighting, censored subject matter and a samurai protagonist that didn't come from a position of privilege, which for 1925 was extremely racy.

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