The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, February 28-March 3

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Paul Reiser at Hyena's in Dallas
You're hearing the Mad About You theme song in your head, aren't you? Well, if you weren't, you are now. Reiser is the author of three damn-funny books on family and relationships, and I'm hoping he'll bring some of that to his act. He recently wrapped the Steven Soderbergh-directed HBO film Behind the Candelabra, but his roots are in stand-up, so I'm glad he's touring again. He's only here Friday night (two showtimes), so try not to be too distracted thinking of the disproportionate amount of forehead on Mad About You. (Seriously, go look at the cast.)

Tom Segura at Hyena's in Ft. Worth
With an even tone and measured rhythm, Tom Segura delivers some seriously spot-on observations. Downtown L.A. is like living everywhere else, if everywhere else is jail. Face tattoos = paralyzing fear for onlookers. If you win the lottery, and you're toothless, you should buy yourself some teeth. It's only right. For more insights into the human psychy, come out this Friday and Saturday. Got a face tattoo? Even better.

Damon Williams at the Arlington Improv
Ladies, if a man brings you on a movie date, he likes you. That shit's expensive! A regular on BET and a reoccurring talent on Showtime at the Apollo, Williams is completely aware of ladies' super drinking abilities. You think you can get a woman drunk nowadays, men? Think again. Williams will be here this Thursday through Sunday. 21 and up.

Win Dave Little's Approval at the Dallas Comedy House
When I heard comedians would be vying for Dave Little's approval, my first thought was: Who's Dave Little? Turns out, a little of everything--Stand-up comedian, improviser, musician, corporate handyman, writer and raconteur are just some of the titles he's given himself. But this Thursday night, he can add judge to that list. Stand-up comedians and improvers will get their chance to impress the all-powerful Little. The audience will be involved, but Little gets the last word.

21 and Over -- opens Friday
Jeff Chang's medical school exam is at 8 a.m. Sharp. If he fucks up, his dad will probably honor kill him. But it's also his twenty-first birthday. Honor killing? Worth it, according to his friends. There's a teddy-bear jock strap, second-floor diving and a buffalo. I'll let you find out how those fit together. 21 and Over opens this Friday. Rated R.

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