Pin Show 2013 Has a New Home, a New Vibe and, Yes, Booze Served from Firetrucks

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See this? Now imagine the opposite.
"I'm not going to fight with the room," says Pin Show Executive Producer Julie McCullough. She's explaining her newly targeted plan for this year's massive fashion fête, happening on Saturday, February 23, and its exciting departure from the ordinary. "I don't want to pageant it up."

In 2012, we found ourselves absorbing Pin at the Fairmont Hotel, immersed in easy luxury -- chandeliers dripped lavishly from above as a formal runway jettisoned out. It was a highly-structured display. This year, models will hoof down the concrete floor of a West Dallas warehouse, heels clacking over the hum of generators.

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The change is a response to something McCullough noticed while tabulating last year's numbers. Response through media (we gave it Best Fashion Show of 2012) and ticket sales were successful. But she found one area that didn't feel victorious. "We realized that we had very few walk-ups," says McCullough. "I thought: 'We better not be losing our street cred.'"

She sat with the idea, contemplating the class divide. She and her team (Bryan Embry and Mike Thompson) decided to veer off the predictable and build this year's production in a way that, while elaborate, would carry a minimalist vibe and be more inclusive. They worked with Trinity Groves to use one of its vacant West Dallas spaces; now they're preparing for an unconventionally glamorous affair.

All they'll need to accomplish that is: a 20,000 square foot warehouse, two firetrucks, a live soul band, 22 designers, a few hundred attendees, lots of booze and two massive live feed screens.

No big deal. They got this.

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