Deep Ellum's Kettle Art Gallery Will Close in May and Start Over in a New Neighborhood

For eight years, they've done exactly that. As the neighborhood slowly woke back up and stretched out, its art anchor continued lending walls to new, colorful blood. Through the economic collapse of '08 and a change to its current landlord in 2010, it maintained. But now that Deep Ellum's businesses are on the rise, and the century-old building is destined for remodel, Kettle can't afford to stay put and survive in the new flourishing dynamic that it was influential in creating. Campagna seems at peace with the situation, ironic as it is.

He's done a bit of soul searching and decided that giving up on Kettle simply isn't an option. What they will do is relocate, move the clubhouse elsewhere; most likely to another Dallas neighborhood that's currently poised to be a growth space for visual arts in the coming years. They'll finish out this Winter/Spring programming - closing with two big shows, one showcasing Justin Terveen's Dallas-centric photography and deadbolting things with a final Kettle retrospective show, featuring highlights of the last eight years.

Campagna expects that they'll use the Summer to relocate, move into a new space in the beginning of August and reopen in September - their current building's air conditioner "was shit" anyway.

Still, Kettle Art and Deep Ellum are reflective of one another, their tenacity and boldness feel intimately linked. Imagining Kettle sitting anywhere else feels like a puzzle piece crammed into an ill-fitting space. But if anyone can create a new home and spice up another neighborhood, it's those stewards of artistic community over at Kettle.

Don't miss For the Love of Kettle, Kettle Art's annual competitive shopping/donation event happening this Saturday, February 9th. Curious about the rest of the season? Here's the exhibition line up:

February 9, 2013 - For the Love of Kettle - One night Only!
Opens February 16 - For the Love of Artists - Feb. 23, 2013
Opens March 7 - Derek Rankins The Part & the Whole (Thesis Show) - Mar. 23
Opens March 28 - Justin Terveen - April 13
Opens April 18 - Past Present & Future (a gallery retrospect) - May 4.

This can be seen as the end of an era but may also be viewed as a new beginning. News of our relocation will come once the dust has settled. Please rest assured this is a giant step forward.\

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