16 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, February 28 to March 4

I want to go to there.
Saturday, 3/2

Second Annual Dallas Modern Home Tour -- DROOL. If you dig that retro-futuristic look that modern architecture provides, grab a few passes, put on matching socks (these are "shoes off" houses, trust me), and go salivate over the finest examples of home design in the city. Then, hide in a spare closet and forward your mail. You live there now.

Ted Kincaid at Talley Dunn Gallery
-- He's Dallas' go-to for bafflingly puzzle-like photography. What appears false is likely real and what appears real is likely false, but however you choose to wrap your skull around it, conceptually, the images themselves are stunning. See his classic Thunderhead Clouds and his newer, more hauntingly nocturnal images, at this opening celebration.

Badass Dash
-- Thankfully, the deadline to register for this has passed, which means if you like paying to be treated like a soldier, you're out of luck. Don't worry, you can still join me on the sidelines. I'll be slowly and methodically eating doughnuts and laughing while these athletic types scamper through an obstacle-laced marathon. Suckers.

Electric Saloon Burlesque and Cabaret -- A gaggle of babes are taking over Rubber Gloves for a night of sweaty seduction. All of your favorites -- One Chance Fancy, Bianca 13, Black Mariah, Frostine Shake, Dura Celle, Lilith Grey, Lyric Laveau and Onyx Fury, and show organizer Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx will be there.

Sunday 3.3

North Texas Irish Festival -- Man, remember when you got kicked out of the Irish Festival for doing ecstasy and puking Guinness everywhere? That was '99. You can go back now. They don't remember you. It runs all weekend, from Friday through Sunday.

Tommy, at Texas Theatre -- Tina Turner + Acid Queen = All You Need To Know. (Well, maybe not all: dates are helpful. Catch Tommy from Thursday through Sunday.)

Monday 3.4

OPERA SHOTS AT THE FOUNDRY! -- If you like heavy drinking (yep), and opera (yep), and fried chicken (yep), check out Opera Shots on Monday at The Foundry. It's a rad program by the Fort Worth Opera that brings free, live performances into bars. They didn't have to take Opera Shots to Dallas; they're doing it because they're nice and want to share. Join them, and me, as we do "Big O Shots," get sloppy on a Monday, and watch a performance of "Figaro's Last Hangover."

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