16 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, February 28 to March 4

I know what you're thinking: Did I drop acid and step inside of a paint-by-numbers, again? Possibly. Also, Night Comfort! It's Friday's celebration of music video and Beta-era television footage.

What's that Dallas? You'd like dirt track championships, tripped-out musicals on film, Irish Festivals, live comedy, great art AND opera in bars? You drive a hard bargain, but OK.

Click the event titles for more information, and share this list with your adventure posse. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one aggressively seducing a tenor while gnawing on fried chicken.)

Thursday 2.28
Mark Frauenfelder -- He's the editor of Make Zine, former editor of Wired, contributing writer for the NYT Magazine and a general Professor of DIY Badassery, because that's totally a degree plan, somewhere. He's speaking in Fort Worth tonight, so if you have a question -- any question -- about how stuff works when soldered with other stuff, he'll have your answer.

13 Spectrums
-- The group art show blends everything from Nevada Hill's psychedelic silk screens to Christian Millet's kaleidoscopic color treatments. In fact, all 13 participating artists are determined to make your brain jiggle inside your dome piece.

Danny Church Band at the Dram -- We don't often dip into music on this list, but this show is a late announcement. Also, these guys killed it last week, when they served as fashion's live soundtrack at the Pin Show. Check 'em out tonight and feel the sexytime vibes.

Friday 3/1
Paul Reiser at Hyenas -- When y'all watched Mad About You, did you wonder how Reiser could be a documentary filmmaker who never seemed to be working, but could still afford that sweet apartment? Me too. Let's ask him about that while he's trying to do stand-up on Friday. Also "Is Helen Hunt's hair super shiny in real life? ... Paul? ... PAUL?!"

Night Comfort at Texas Theatre -- Remember the first time your parents left you home alone, and you sipped NyQuil from a wine glass while watching music videos and freaky upper-dial ephemera? You'll get that same warm feeling, without the panic-stricken fear of abandonment, at Texas Theatre's bar/dance floor/minimalist arcade area on Friday at Night Comfort.

gavin new.jpg
Don't worry, Gavin. We'll all be there to ... support... you.
Gavin Cleaver, our British Friend, Debuts his Stand-up Set at Dallas Comedy House -- If you've been reading my blog, Mixmaster (just nod as though you have), you'd know that our house Brit, Gavin, has been doing a series called Death By Microphone. He's chronicling his experience in stand-up comedy class and his big reveal happens on Friday, at 7:30 p.m. at Dallas Comedy House.
-- His thought? "That place is small, few can see me fail."
-- My thought? "We aren't afraid to squeeze together at your expense."

Port-A-Cool Dirt Track Championship -- This is more bald eagle than a Miller High Life half-shirt crammed in a Toby Keith I Love this Bar and Grill koozie. Get some, y'all.

Beauty Live at the Galleria -- This glamour buffet runs through Sunday and features make-overs, sessions with hair and cosmetics specialists and the opportunity to try on lots of different beauty brands, so you don't blow cash on eyeshadow that makes you resemble a slutty evil Disney witch.

Armadillo Ale Beer Launch -- Hey Denton! You have beer now! Armadillo Ale releases its first flavor on Friday. It's a little (big) thing called Quakertown Stout. You should go and drink it all.

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