House Porn: Beautiful Pictures from the Dallas Modern Home Tour

modernhome van dyke by James Edward Photography 1.jpg
By James Edward Photography
The home on Van Dyke
Other children played house. You dreamt of comfort and stillness: lounging on a white, leather shag rug beside a Danish modern boomerang coffee table. Your focal point? The snapping wood in the Malm fireplace, which gently piped controlled warmth through your futuristic ski lodge residence. Art, expressed through multitude temperatures of tones and juxtaposed shapes, surrounded you. There, natural light poured in from all angles -- an amazing feat, considering your home was built into the side of a rocky ledge.

Because you didn't settle for a mundane fantasy life then, you shouldn't now. For you, the mid-century modern architecture junkie, there is the Dallas Modern Home Tour.

It's happening this Saturday, March 2nd and it's your chance to see some of the city's nicest nesting-based design. (Don't forget to scope out the yards -- most showcase water conserving landscapes and native plants.)

Tuck away your copies of Dwell, shut down Apartment Therapy and take a voyeur's holiday. Get passes here. Feeling lucky? We're doing a ticket giveaway on Mixmaster. And now, let's do a visual breaking and entering.

modernhome van dyke by James Edward Photography 2.jpg
By James Edward Photography
The Van Dyke home's living room. Don't worry, someone's making you a cocktail.

modernhome van dyke by James Edward Photography 3.jpg
By James Edward Photography
Skylights allow for big ideas.

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@Jill Pouncey Schriefer While your there, scatter around some stuff so it looks like someone actually lives there 

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