Five Oddly Geeky Burlesque Costumes From Nerdlesque

Considering Dallas' bustling burlesque schedule, it takes a lot to surprise us. Tarantino-themed productions? Been done. All male revue? Happened last week. Variety shows with disrobing chainsaw jugglers and fire swallowing? The Kessler, two Saturdays ago.

And still, the niche market of Nerdlesque remained untapped until Thursday evening. What transpired resembled a quirkily raw Comic Con afterparty, with ladies donning less conventional fantasy gear -- like a mascot Ms. PacMan, Hogwarts faculty member and assorted footnotes from graphic novels past.

Should Nerdlesque produce a sequel, here's a few costume ideas:

That crazy building from Blade Runner
Carl Sagan's eyebrows, a fan show
Vampire Enrico Fermi
Provocative At-At
Lights All Night Gandalf
Sexy Stephen Hawking
Neil Degrasse Tyson, in drag
Neil Degrasse Tyson, as is
Marie Curie Gone Wild (a glow-in-the-dark routine)
Two women, one Mad Magazine "fold-in"
Emerge from a gutted tauntaun, wearing only pasties and an icy "Hoth stare."

Now, our other four favorite photos. See the entire slideshow here.



nerdlesque 4.jpg


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