Saturday's Pin Show Took Couture Over the Bridge

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Marek and Richard
I love these guys' playfulness, so I was happy to see their line back on the runway. Marek and Richard built their business by keeping the whities and the tighties on separate sides of the underwear drawer. They suggest, in no uncertain terms, that there's another way to color coordinate an outfit, and it involves Nintendo pallets on your manties. Cheers to you, fellas.

pin 1.JPG
Mario Alberto
Go ahead, doll it up Alberto. I'd tug that slinky chic little pink dress on and hoof it anywhere. I loved the low slung, off-angle accent. It's feminine, unusual and charming. And while the shrug inevitably conjures memories of drive-through car washes, it adds a shimmy of quirk, and maybe more importantly, gives your date something to rub against.

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