Saturday's Pin Show Took Couture Over the Bridge

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Charmaine Marshall
These ethnic neckplates made stunning accent pieces and utilized everything from coque feathers to inverted strips of bone. They're gorgeous, punchy and a nice way to set off an otherwise easy, flowy look.

Tracy Popken
This is one to watch, and also support through direct purchase. She's based out of Bishop Arts and has a lengthy history with vintage fashions and tailoring. Here, we saw the best of that pairing, as Popken drew from those distinctive period pieces -- think wardrobe staples like pencil skirts and double-breasted vests -- and elevated them with a stylized, modern twist. That blouse: the creamy one with long sleeves that billowed and then gathered delicately at the wrists, is a dream. I now know where to take my vintage for updating and to find complimentary pieces to tie my closet together.

pin suit.JPG
Dija Swimwear
Swimwear is tough, from material to design. It's rare to see a start-up company nail any aquatic look and have it also appear wearable, comfortable and in place on the model. Dija did that with this one-piece (above), which channeled Pucci and Nautica, then smashed them together. The end result was well-cultivated and sexy. Wear this one ladies, and you won't buy your own drinks this summer.

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