17 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, February 14 to 17

harlem shake.jpg
I mean, at this point in your life, why not?
Saturday 2.16

Be in a Harlem Shake Video -- I mean, why not? It's a Saturday afternoon, you're at Klyde Warren Park doing some light not-jogging, and a few hundred people are participating in a massive Dallas version of that damn song -- of course you're going to shake it all weird. You're only human.

Mardi Gras Texas Style -- This is a big 'ol country music festival with beads, 28 bands, and its own interpretation of the phrase "Mardi Gras." (Aren't we in Lent?) It's all going down at Fair Park. I vote that we rename it Party Gras.

My My Misfire -- A good rule of thumb: If Stephen Lapthisophon is curating a show, go check it out. Also, it's happening in the afternoon, at an address (2701 Main Street) in Deep Ellum. You'll see work by Hannah Hudson, Hayley Fowler, Lana Paninchul, Apophenia Underground, Michael Mazurek, Michael Wynne, Pierre Krause, and Sharon Turner AND you've got a solid 6 hours to do so. This runs from noon to 6 p.m.

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Roller Derby Mayhem -- Assassination City Conspiracy and Dallas Derby Army of Darkness face off on Saturday in a knock-down, drag-out, fishnet-ripping season opener. Baller? Yes, that's baller.

For the Love of Artists -- Consider this mandatory. If you're starting your local art collection or building on an existing one, this annual follow-up show to last week's For the Love of Kettle sale, allows artists to take home every penny of what their item sells for. Last week, the money went to Kettle. This week, it goes to the artist. Both weeks you get great art. EVERYONE WINS. Well, except those who don't go. They lose big time.

Natural Dye Workshop at Oil and Cotton -- Sarah Westrop leads this very intriguing class on fabric art at our favorite Oak Cliff artspace on Saturday. She'll teach how to build hue and pigment in your textiles, ripped completely from available local flora. Who knows, maybe that plant that's been bitchslapping your allergies can be cut down, boiled and turned into a useful sacrifice?

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Pretty Things Peep Show at the Kessler -- This traveling act has it all, from chainsaws to fire swallowing, magic to strip tease. It's classic cabaret meets variety and I can't imagine a better spot to see it than The Kessler. Treat yo' self.

Red Arrow Contemporary Turns One -- One of Dallas' newest galleries catering to the non-stuffy sector is having a big ol' birthday this Saturday night. You're going to want to go to this because you like great parties. Also, the first 20 in the door (Well, 19, including me) get swag.

Sunday 2.17

Chagall Opens at the DMA -- No big deal, it's just Chagall. Alright, it's a very big deal and this exhibition includes everything from costumes the artist created for operas to sculpture and paintings. Your free membership won't get you into this, but your soul will high five you for going.

Quinceañera Magazine Expo -- Every time a young girl dreams of becoming a fairy princess, a quince dress is born. Then, it goes to the Expo, so all PYTs can choose their dream gown for their dream day. See 'em all this weekend at the Irving Convention Center.

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