17 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, February 14 to 17

That footage above was filmed at an O'Reilly Autorama in Dallas back in 2007 and yes, I'm now definitely going. It's happening all weekend long, so prepare your switches to be flipped.

Happy Sexytime Day, y'all! What's that? You don't have plans? No sweat. Check out my list of super awkward Valentine's Day ideas for freaky people. Then, spend the rest of the weekend at The Kessler for a cabaret-style peep show; at Klyde Warren Park where they're filming a giant Harlem Shake video; at the rollerderby season opener; art shows galore; slam poetry; Thin Line Festival in Denton's continuation weekend, and even a class in how to dye fabrics out of local plants. If I were the kind of girl who shouts "Woooo!" this is when I'd do that.

Now, share this list with your friends, and get rowdy with your game plan. (Don't forget to click on the event titles for more information.) I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one hot wiring the Batmobile.)

Thursday 2.14
10 Weird Valentine's Day Events for Weirdos Like Us -- When the guy at the grocery store asks you what you're doing for Valentine's Day, just say something insane, like, "That the new Die Hard movie looks great!" It's what he wants to hear. Then, pick something from my custom made Valentine's Day list for freaks, and do that instead.

Wine and Chocolate at RGB Gallery -- This is an art show, but there's also chocolate covered strawberries? I believe they intend to stimulate all of your senses. Let's leave smell out of it, kay?

Cupid's New Weapons of Love
-- This should be interesting. It's a Spanish mini opera based on nearly forgotten folklore that's performed on time period instruments. Also, it'll sound yankin' in the new Performance Hall. If going on Valentine's Day is too weird, I totally get it. There's a repeat show on Saturday.

Friday 2.15
Lollibombs Present "Love Hurts" -- Taking a stab at the cheesiest of holidays is best done with a wink and a shimmy, or so think the 'bombs, Dallas' longest-operating burlesque troupe. Besides, there's nothing like a tassel in the face to put the whole romance thing into perspective.

DaVerse Lounge Season 8 Episode 3
-- This mainstay resource for Dallas youth has another installment on Friday evening. If you're unfamiliar, DaVerse is a place that encourages creative expression in the under 21 sector by providing a stage, live music back-up and an audience for those exploring their open mic poetry skills. Awesome.

AutoRama, through Sunday -- I don't know what happens when you combine Batmobiles, monster trucks, popular child actors, professional wrestlers and dirtbikes, but I imagine that it's pretty freakin' glorious. GO AMERICA!

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