Phantasm Plans to Uprock the Art World on Thursday Night

Special guest, World Champion pop locker, Poppin' John will pull out all of the subtly explosive stops (and starts) at Phantasm.

There's an art show on Thursday night that's making us polish our helmets and grab our cardboard. It's Phantasm, a group show featuring the work of mig L Barjas, Rondo Estrello and Penny Kim.

You might have seen mig L before, but he was likely twisted up into an uncomfortable pretzel pose. A b-boy of international notoriety, and part of the Jive Turkeys crew, mig L proves that art and dance have an unbreakable cultural fusion in his new series of acrylics. With Penny Kim you'll see work from her new People Project, where she frames Dallas' most wanted (photographers, creatives and nocturnals) into site-specific scenes. Finally, you'll take in Rondo Estrello's view of the city's king pins. He's giving us a look at the folks who make up the meat of Dallas with a new assembly of portraits. Yeah, Phantasm's going to be a party.

Adding to the flow is a set by DJ Niro, and love on a bun, cooked up by Easy Slider. Check it all out here. It's going down at The Basement Gallery, a revamp formerly known as the Underworld Art Gallery.

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Great writeup, Jamie. Thank you!

Popping John will perform at 10:00PM and the after party for this event is at Beauty Bar - Big Bang with DJ Sober. Hope to see you all there!

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